I Carry: SIG Sauer P-320 X-Carry in a Blade-Tech Total Eclipse Holster

posted on October 20, 2017

Welcome to another episode of "I Carry," Shooting Illustrated's weekly video series covering the guns and gear needed to put together an ideal everyday-carry kit. Today, we have a SIG Sauer P-320 X-Carry pistol in a Blade-Tech Total Eclipse OWB/IWB holster, paired with a Mitch Rosen Double Magazine Carrier. Rounding out the gear is a SureFire G2X LE, a Kershaw Shield knife and a SIG Sauer Tactical Belt.

Firearm: SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry ($862)

SIG’s P320 X-Carry brings the company’s striker-fired, polymer-frame pistol to the concealed-carry practitioner. With a shorter slide, higher beavertail and a deeply-scalloped undercut at the rear of the trigger guard, the P320 X-Carry is designed around ease-of-carry and on the range. The higher grip afforded by the trigger guard cut and beavertail translates into minimized muzzle flip under rapid-shooting exercises, and allows faster follow-up shots.

Continuing the “Carry” part, the P320 X-Carry comes with a distinct, flat-blade trigger that is lighter than the traditional P320 trigger. The trigger pull is a light, even 5 pounds, and the straight shoe guides the trigger finger into place. It also provides feedback to the shooter in that it will be found in the vertical position when the shot breaks, which helps  practice become more consistent.

On the top of the X-Carry’s slide are three interesting features. The first are SIG’s proprietary X-Ray3 tritium sights, similar to those found on SIG’s Legion series of handguns. The front sight has a large, bright-green ring around it to draw the shooter’s eye for rapid target acquisition. The second feature is a cut-out over the barrel, ostensibly for weight reduction (or, maybe, just to make it look cool and set it apart. Your mileage may vary). Third, the rear sight is removable and a cut is milled into the top of the slide that allows SIG’s Romeo1 red dot sight (sold separately) to be mounted.

Holster: Blade-Tech/SIG OWB/IWB ($49.95)

Blade-Tech’s Total Eclipse line of holsters, in this case co-branded with SIG Sauer—are known for modularity. The line can go from OWB to IWB in minutes and back again as needed. Need deep cover in a less-than-concealed-carry-friendly environment? Set the Total Eclipse for inside the waistband carry and you’re good to go. Taking a class and want a faster-access, or transitioning to colder weather where cover garments are feasible? No problem, set the Total Eclipse to outside the waistband carry and you’re all set.

Belt: SIG Sauer Tactical Belt ($49.95)

When it comes to carrying all your gear, sometimes you just want to keep things simple. SIG’s Tactical belt offers five-stitch construction for stiffness and load-bearing capability, while offering a dirt-simple rigger’s belt style sliding buckle. Hook-and-loop sections keep the belt tight against the body.

Flashlight: SureFire G2X LE ($70)

Keeping the “simple” theme is SureFire’s G2X LE. Powered by two CR123A batteries, the G2X LE has two settings: High and low. You can cycle between the two either by clicking or simply pushing the button (clicking will leave the light on; pushing is momentary-on only) and it returns to the “high” setting as a default. 400 lumens are available on high, for a run-time of 2 hours and 15 minutes, while the low setting of 15 lumens can go for 45 hours.

Knife: Kershaw/SIG Sauer Shield Assisted-Opening Folding Knife ($76.99)

Employing Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism, the Shield folder from SIG/Kershaw can easily be opened single-handedly using either the flipper or an ambidextrous thumbstud. The Shield has a modified tanto-style 3-inch blade, measures 7 ¼ inches (open) and weighs 4.87 ounces.

Magazine Carrier: Mitch Rosen/SIG Sauer Double Magazine Carrier ($48)

Ambidextrous and built for a wide range of double-stack 9 mm, .40 S&W, .380 ACP and .357 SIG magazines, the Mitch Rosen/SIG co-branded magazine carrier is adjustable for tension, can accept up to a 1.5-inch belt, and has snaps that allow it to be added to or taken off a belt without having to remove the belt entirely.

Spare Magazines: SIG Sauer 21-Round Magazines ($58)

Even though the P320 X-Carry ships with three 17-round magazines, more is always better, right? SIG Sauer offers a 21-round magazine that extends slightly from the grip for that special edge. Carried as a backup, the extended magazine is hardly more obtrusive than the standard 17-round variant, and the extra rounds will be appreciated should you ever need them. Plus, it’s more fodder for range time!


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