I Carry: Ruger Security-9 in a DeSantis SOF-TUCK Holster

posted on April 13, 2018

Welcome to another episode of "I Carry," Shooting Illustrated's weekly video series covering the guns and gear needed to put together a potential everyday-carry kit. Today, we have a Ruger Security-9 pistol in a DeSantis Gunhide SOF-TUCK holster. We also have a High Noon Holsters Tie Breaker magazine carrier, a 5.11 Tactical Casual belt, an Ontario Knife Company Rescue Folder knife and a Streamlight PolyTac X flashlight.

Gun: Ruger Security-9 ($379)

If you’re acquainted with Ruger’s LCP II pocket pistol, then the design of the Security-9 might seem familiar to you. Well, there’s a good reason for that. In terms of design and function, the Security-9 borrows a whole lot from its tiny-sized cousin.

For starters, the Security-9 uses the same internal hammer-fired system as the LCP II, which means that it provides the same crisp trigger pull that made the LCP II a fast favorite with a number of defense-minded individuals. The texturing and slide serrations found on the exterior of the gun are similar to the LCP II, just stepped up a notch in size. These elements provide a solid gripping surface and positive manipulation areas for easy, secure operation.

However, there are a number of major differences that put the Security-9 in a different category than the LCP II. The larger polymer frame holds a double-stack magazine containing 15 rounds of 9 mm, placing this pistol in the same class as guns like the Glock G19. Also, users will find a manual thumb safety as well as the bladed trigger safety.

Holster: DeSantis Gunhide SOF-TUCK Holster ($33.99)

I’m carrying the Ruger Security-9 in the DeSantis SOF-Tuck holster, which is a simple design made from textured suede leather with a reinforced mouth for reholstering. The suede finish enables the holster to anchor itself securely in the waistband, and a polymer, J-shaped belt clip keeps the holster secured during a draw.

One of the benefits of this simple holster design is that it can be used in a variety of carry positions. Normally, I’d choose to carry a gun like the Security-9 in a strong-side or even an appendix-carry position, but the SOF-TUCK will also accommodate cross-draw or small-of-the-back carry, too, if you prefer it.

Mag Carrier: High Noon Holsters Tie Breaker Magazine Carrier ($44.95)

Our spare magazine is being carried in High Noon Holster’s Tie Breaker mag carrier, which is made from a single piece of cowhide reinforced by dual tension screws and a one-way snap for added security. The Tie Breaker is a universal design that keeps any double-stack magazine secured into place on the belt. Custom retention can be tuned to specific magazines by adjusting either tension screw.

Flashlight: Streamlight PolyTac X Flashlight ($75)

Designed as a durable, easily rechargeable daily carry light, the Streamlight PolyTac X is built with an impact-resistant polymer housing that’s textured to provide a solid grip in any kind scenario. The light can run off either CR123A batteries or the company’s rechargeable 18650 battery, which can be recharged through any standard USB port. The maximum output of the PolyTac X is 600 lumens, and the light will run for 3.5 hours at maximum output.

Knife: Ontario Knife Company XR-1 Rescue Folder ($119.95)

If you’re in need of a daily carry knife that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it, then the OKC XR-1 Rescue Folder is probably just what you’re looking for. This blade is designed for use in unimaginably rough environments and includes a blade made from a cryo-quenched N690C0 stainless steel and a handle constructed from durable Akulon 6G6 material. In addition to the durable 3.4-inch blade, the XR-1 also incorporates a belt cutter for emergency situations.

Belt: 5.11 Tactical Casual Belt ($39.99)

In need of a tactical belt that doesn’t scream, “Tactical?” The 5.11 Tactical Casual Belt was built for just that reason, having been made with input from plainclothes law-enforcement professionals who needed something that didn’t stand out but was more than capable of handling their gear. The belt is made from full-grain leather and features a brass-finished buckle and reinforced stitching.


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