I Carry: Kimber K6s Stainless Revolver in a Mitch Rosen Holster

posted on December 11, 2020

Firearm: Kimber K6s Stainless (MSRP: $899) 

Kimber surprised the firearm world with the introduction of the K6s in 2016, deciding to offer a six-shot revolver geared toward concealed carry at a time when most gun companies were coming out with single-stack, subcompact 9 mm semi-automatics. Given that, at the time, competitors to the K6s were mainly 6- or 7-round semi-autos, the K6s wasn’t at too much of a disadvantage, capacity-wise. Coming out with a six-shot .357 Magnum revolver definitely caught lots of attention. 

But, there are still plenty of folks who like revolvers. Between the powerful .357 Magnum chambering, the wide availability of projectiles and ammunition and the simplicity of a revolver, there’s a case to be made for the wheelgun. In some cases, revolvers just work better for folks who have trouble with manipulating the slide of a semi-automatic pistol. The ability to use ammunition ranging from shotshells to light .38 Special wadcutters to 110-grain 357 Magnum hollowpoints also gives another advantage. 

In any case, if you’ve decided on a revolver for your concealed-carry handgun, Kimber’s K6s has a few points worth considering. To start with, capacity is six rounds, yet the size is much closer to that of the traditional five-shot revolver. Weight is 23 ounces, which, while heavier than five-shot variants, certainly helps lessen felt recoil. It’s a traditional double-action-only system with a trigger pull weight of around 10 pounds, again pretty standard. For the sights, though, Kimber has definitely upped the ante: The front sight is a pinned blade with a white dot, while the rear sight is a dovetailed, twin-white dot arrangement. In one last detail that just plain makes sense, the lever to open the cylinder simply pushes in – no sliding forward or rearward, just push. 

Revolvers might not be your thing, and that’s fine. For those who do prefer them, or might be interested in trying one out, Kimber’s K6s offers 357 Magnum power, decent sights and six-round capacity in a size that’s traditionally held only five rounds. 

Holster: Mitch Rosen K6s holster (MSRP: $76.95) 

In fact, that size allows it quite a bit of latitude in how it is carried. Sure, it’s small enough for inside-the-waistband, no question there, and with the right pockets even pocket-carry, but the K6s can carried quite comfortably and easily concealed right on the belt. Mitch Rosen’s K6s holster offers a traditional belt-slide design that spreads the weight out across the belt while offering the ability to achieve a full firing grip on the revolver. There’s a slight forward cant to present the grip on the draw, and custom molding keeps the K6s firmly in place. 

The Mitch Rosen K6s holster is available directly from Kimber in right- or left-hand configuration, and can be ordered in black or brown. 

Speedloader: Kimber K6s speedloader (MSRP: $30.95) 

Loading a revolver is more involved than a semi-automatic, but it can be greatly accelerated with a speedloader. The K6s speedloader holds six rounds of .357 Magnum/.38 Special ammunition in the correct orientation to fill the cylinder of the K6s. Place rounds inside the cylinder, twist the knob of the speedloader, and all six rounds will enter their respective chamber at the same time – obviously, point the revolver down to accomplish this. 

Speedloader pouch: DeSantis Second Six (MSRP: $41.95) 

Carrying a full speedloader can be difficult, which is why some revolver enthusiasts opt for the flat strips rather than the 5- or 6-shot speedloaders. The Second Six by DeSantis offers a unique take on carrying the six-shot-speedloader, with three rounds inside the waistband, three rounds outside. When reloading, the flap unsnaps so the speedloader can be removed. It reduces the bulk in carrying six rounds, yet still makes it faster to reload the cylinder all at once. 

As a side note, the holster, speedloader and speedloader pouch are all available from the Kimber website. These manufacturers have partnered with Kimber to produce gear specific to Kimber firearms with custom branding. Prices above reflect pricing when ordered from the Kimber website.


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