I Carry: FN America Reflex 9mm Pistol in a DeSantis Holster

Today on I Carry we have an FN America Reflex 9mm pistol in a DeSantis holster with a Shield Sights red-dot sight.

posted on September 15, 2023

Firearm: FN Reflex MRD (MSRP: $659)

We’re taking another look at the new Reflex micro-9 mm double-stack pistol from FN America to examine the optics-ready variant, the Reflex MRD. The Reflex offers everything you’d expect in a modern, micro-9 mm double-stack pistol: 3.3-inch barrel, 6.2-inch overall length, 4.27-inch height, 1-inch width and 18.4-ounce weight. The Reflex has a flush-fit 11-round magazine as well as a slightly extended 15-round magazine that offers a full three-finger grip when inserted.

Unlike most of its competitors, the Reflex is hammer-fired rather than striker. The internal hammer means more resistance against the slide, which translates into less force needed to charge the pistol. For those who, like me, aren’t big fans of the bladed-safety trigger, the Reflex offers a hinged trigger to protect against inadvertent discharge if the pistol is dropped. This hinge is located at the top of the trigger rather than in the middle, so the general feel is that of a solid piece. For those who don’t like the feel of the safety-in-the-trigger so prominent in striker-fired handguns, it’s a welcome difference.

One of the advantages of taking one’s time in entering a growing market is that it offers a chance to examine the landscape and add features others might not have. In the case of the FN America Reflex MRD, the optics cut is set to accommodate not just the standard RMSc footprint, but also the newer Holosun 507K footprint. This gives the Reflex MRD greater flexibility in the optics that can be attached, while still maintaining the direct-mount method.

So, why opt for the Reflex MRD over other micro-9 mm double-stack handguns? The first and most obvious reason would be for the shooter who is already familiar with FN’s excellent handgun line. Fans of the FN 509 looking for a smaller gun for the warmer months, or adoptees of the FN 503 looking for greater capacity will find the Reflex has a familiar feel and similar controls. Need another reason? It’s a solid, well-built handgun from FN. Enough said?


Holster: DeSantis Inside Heat (MSRP: $56.99)

The Inside Heat holster by DeSantis that we’ve chosen for today’s kit is a new fit for the Reflex, and it’s an excellent partnership. The Inside Heat is a precision-molded leather holster with a simple metal belt clip perfect for a “grab and go” option. It’s easy to put on and take off, conceals well and holds the pistol securely. With the increasing number of micro-9 mm double-stack handguns like the Reflex now available, that grab-and-go option is no longer relegated to a five-shot revolver or micro-380.

The Inside Heat is available for a large variety of small and midsize handguns, and for both right- and left-handed shooters. The top is reinforced to keep the holster open when reholstering and the metal belt clip is powder-coated for wear resistance. The Inside Heat is only available in black saddle leather.


Optic: Shield Sights RMSw with AMR HD (MSRP: $505 - $430 for sight, $75 for AMR hood)

Since the Reflex MRD is designed for the addition of a micro-red-dot optic, we’ve chosen Shield Sights’ RMSw as the optic in today’s kit. Engineered with a waterproof gasket between the unit and the pistol’s slide, the company claims it is waterproof to 20 meters for up to 30 minutes. The RMSw features a glass lens and aluminum body, is available with a 4- or 8-MOA dot and weighs .6 ounce including the battery, a single CR2032. It also features automatic brightness adjustment that dims or brightens the dot based on ambient lighting.

We’ve added Shields’ AMR hood to further protect the RMSw sight, which fits over the top of the sight to add a rugged aluminum outer shell to guard against bumps, knocks or falls. Designed to bolt to the side of the red-dot sight, the AMR does add a little extra heft and size to the sight, but not in any significant amount. I was unable to tell the difference between the RMSw alone or with the AMR. It’s definitely worth it for the protection it provides.


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