First Look: XS Night Sights for SA XD OSP and Tisas PX-9

Two new front and rear sight sets featuring some of XS Sights most popular designs.

posted on June 25, 2022
XS Sights for the SA-35

XS Sights Systems Inc. is expanding their R3D and DXT2 handgun sight product lines to include offerings that allow shooters to upgrade their Springfield Armory XD OSP and Tisas Duty PX-9 handgun factory iron sights.

R3D Sight Features

Offering a high contrast sight picture, the R3D Sight set is composed of a traditional three dot arrangement with a notable distinction: the front sight dot is bolder and easier to see than the more diminutive rear sight dots. This facilitates quick front sight acquisition in virtually all visible light conditions. In cases of extremely low light or near darkness, the front tritium vial was also designed to be brighter than the rear vial pair. Two other significant aspects about the rear sight in the R3D set is that the body of the sight features a ledge to aid in cocking manipulations and its notch is about 15-percent wider than the front sight—also with a speedy sight picture in mind.

The DXT2 Sight Features

Arguably one of XS Sights flagship products, the DXT2 sight set features a bold, high contrast tritium and daytime bright front sight with an extremely wide V-shaped rear sight—similar in shape to a valley. To align the front and rear one just centers the front sight in the middle of this valley. Described another way, DXT2 sights are very reminiscent of the open sights one typically sees on large-caliber, heavy-express dangerous game rifles.

The R3D and the DXT2 sight sets have an MSRP of $116 and $138 respectively. All sights manufactured by XS are made in the United States in Fort Worth, Texas and include a “10 year, no questions asked” warranty in addition to their 30 day satisfaction guarantee. For more information on these sights and other products from XSights, please visit their website at


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