First Look: Walker’s Recon Electronic Ear Protection

Two new electronic earmuffs plus a new "walkie-talkie" option.

posted on February 20, 2024
Walkers Recon

Walker’s is launching three new products, two different electronic earmuffs, including one that is Bluetooth compatible, and a hybrid communicator “walkie talkie” attachment that is also Bluetooth compatible as part of the company's new Recon product line.

The anchor of the Recon product line is the new Walker’s Recon Digital Electronic Muffs. These muffs are designed with sound-activated compression software in order keep shooters’ hearing protected in shooting scenarios such as competitions or tactical training. The Recon Digital Electronic Muffs also make use of amplification technology that bolsters low-level sound to ensure shooters can hear conversations or range commands. A digital amp is also present to boost sound clarity.

The same functions and feature sets are found in the Recon Digital Bluetooth Electronic Muffs, with the addition of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. These Bluetooth compatible muffs can be easily paired with mobile devices via Walkers Link 2.0 app, available for iOS and Android. These muffs also feature an advanced digital-audio circuit, full dynamic-range HD speakers and integrated microphone for two-way communication via smartphone, complete with clear and balanced sound in any shooting scenario, regardless of location.

Last but not least, the Recon Hybrid Communicator Bluetooth Walkie Talkie is an exclusive communication device using Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity via compatibility with the Walker's Link 2.0 app and integration with both pairs of Walker’s all-new Recon muffs. When added to the Recon Digital Electronic Muffs, shooters will enjoy full Bluetooth connectivity, in addition to 22 GPRS radio channels for hands-free communication from as far away as 3 miles. When added to the RECON Digital Bluetooth Electronic Muffs, the wearer can gain access to the same array of GPRS radio frequencies with just the simple push of a button.

To learn more about the new Walker’s Ear Pro or other shooting safety products or accessories offered by Walker’s, please visit


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