First Look: Viridian Lasers for the Rossi Brawler

New aiming options for Rossi’s single-shot .410/.45 Colt pistol.

posted on May 20, 2024
Viridian Lasers for the Rossi Brawler

Viridian Weapon Technologies is now selling red and green E-Series lasers to fit the line of single shot, manually cocked Rossi Brawler handguns. 

The Viridian Weapon Technologies E-Series lasers are designed to be easily installed and fit onto a firearms trigger guard. These aiming lasers are housed in a low-profile housing that adds minimal bulk to a firearm. Because different handgun makes and models have trigger guards with different shapes, all E-Series Viridian lasers are model specific. The lasers also feature the highest intensity lasers allowed by law, a run time up to 90 minutes long, ambidextrous button activation and a convenient 5-minute auto shut-off.  

The Rossi Brawler pistol is a break-action, hammer fired, manually cocked, single-action-only pistol chambered for .410-bore shotshells or .45 Colt revolver cartridges. Even though its shape, profile and relatively long 9-inch barrel can be reminiscent of a pirate or cavalryman’s muzzle loading pistol, the Rossi Brawler was designed to be utilitarian on the trail or ranch to deal with things like dangerous animals or various  forms of pest control. A fixed blade front sight can be found near the muzzle, but Rossi also deliberately placed a Picatinny rail optics base at the rear of the pistol with the intention that the end user would mount and optic and zero their optic to the ammunition of their choice. 

Brian Hedeen, President, and CEO of Viridian, emphasized the company's commitment to expanding fits for firearms that do not currently have laser sights. "Our goal is to provide shooters with innovative solutions," he explained. "The addition of our E SERIES to the Rossi Brawler achieves just that and ensures that users can adapt to various shooting scenarios where this single-action pistol is used, making it an ideal choice for hunting, nuisance protection, and recreational purposes."

Backed by Viridian's industry-leading limited lifetime warranty, this E-Series laser joins over 35 other custom-fit products, including many to fit other products in the Taurus family such as the Taurus G series, GX4, and Heritage Rough Rider revolver. Viridian has continued plans for further line expansion and availability to more brands and models in the coming months.

Visit to learn more about laser sights for the Rossi Brawler or other products from Viridian Weapon Technologies.


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