First Look: Templar OTF Automatic Knives

The new Excalibur line features four new blades.

posted on January 14, 2023
Templar out the front knife

Templar Knife, a company based in Dallas, TX, known for its fixed, folding and automatic knives is releasing a new product line of OTF Excalibur knives at the upcoming 2023 SHOT show in Las Vegas, Nevada. These new knives will be shown exclusively at the Davidson’s booth (#72317) on the show floor. Davidson’s will also be distributing these blades to finer sporting goods retailers.

“Our new Excalibur product line delivers features everyday carries and sportsmen demand from a series that is high performing, high quality and high value,” said Shawn Cauble, President of Templar Knife. “This line is extremely purpose built and has been in the works for quite a while. We are thrilled with the finished product and excited to get it into the hands of loyal customers and new users everywhere.”

OTF stands for “out of the front” and is an acronym used to describe a certain style of spring assisted knife whose blade is stored inside its handle and, when deployed, springs out from the front of the handle as opposed to swinging out from the handle’s sides, like a folding knife. Templar Knife’s new Excalibur knife has OTF knives in various sizes including their “Money clip”, Small, Slim and Large. Excalibur handles are designed to be screwless, with non-slip grip and clips that are reversible for right or left handed carry. Excalibur knives also have the option to attach a glass breaker or a set screw to the rear of the frame. When it comes to blades in the Excalibur OTF product line, buyers have several different blade point options such as drop point, Americanized tanto or dagger points. Dagger point blades have triangular symmetrical point that closely resembles one of the most classic swords of all time, the Roman Gladius.

For more information Excalibur OTF and other blades manufactured by Templar Knife, please visit their website at


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