First Look: STI DVC Steel Pistol

posted on June 24, 2017
In designing the new DVC Steel 2011 Pistol, STI International brought many of the features and performance options into the design from the DVC Open Pistol. The new gun, however, allows for the use of standard 9 mm or .38 Super ammo, eliminating the focus on major-power-factor ammo found in the DVC Open.

Another new feature of the DVC Steel 2011 Pistol is the overall length of the gun. The new pistol is constructed with a shorter slide in order to facilitate quicker transitions from target to target, cutting down on the amount of time it takes for shooters to move their firearms during competition. This shortened design is intended to improve shooter scores by simply swapping pistol platforms.

Another feature of the DVC Steel is the inclusion of the company's DLC hard-chrome finish that is designed to provide owners with a pistol that will resist corrosion and wear throughout hundreds of thousands of rounds of hard use. In addition, the chrome finish also provides the pistol with an aesthetically pleasing look, making it stand out on the firing line.

The new gun also features a 4.15-inch barrel and compensator that is coated in titanium nitride in order to provide users with an extremely durable surface that will not only withstand wear and corrosion but will also provide less friction, ensuring reliability. The pistol also incorporates the company's trademarked DVC grip stippling, as well as an oversized magwell, extended magazines and innovative Recoil Master dual-spring recoil system, designed to get shooters back on target quicker.

The STI DVC Steel 2011 Pistol features an extremely high magazine capacity, shipping with one 140 mm magazine and one 170 mm magazine, each providing a total ammo capacity of 21 rounds and 27 rounds, respectively, in both 9 mm and .38 Super.

In addition to the gun's many features, competition shooters will also be pleased to note that the gun features a crisp 2.5-pound trigger pull, lightening cuts on the front and rear of the slide and a C-More 6-MOA red-dot sight. The suggested retail price on the DVC Steel 2011 Pistol is $3,999.


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