First Look: Savage Rifles in 300 PRC

posted on July 11, 2020

Hornady’s new 300 PRC was created out of need from the when the Department of Defense began looking for a long-range sniper round that produced consistent results with lighter recoil and reduced muzzle flash. Now, Savage Arms has chambered several rifles in the outstanding new caliber that allow hunters and long-range shooters to make the most of the new round.

“The 300 PRC has opened up new possibilities for extreme long-range shooting,” Jessica Treglia, Sr. Brand Manager at Savage Arms, said. “There’s no better platform for the round than a Savage. With their AccuTriggers and AccuStocks, Savage rifles offer the rugged stability needed for reliable accuracy at any distance.”

300 PRC is capable of exceptional accuracy, but it is much more than just a paper-puncher on the range. The true potential of the 300 PRC comes from the pairing of heavy .30 caliber bullets with non-belted cases and temperature-stable powders. The 300 PRC achieves repeatable accuracy thanks to a high ballistic coefficient of the bullets it uses, along with the 30-degree shoulder of the case to provide stable chamber alignment. The non-belted cases stack efficiently inside the magazine and feed reliably into the action. When these attributes are combined with Savage’s thread-in headspacing, floating bolt head and button rifled barrels, the 300 PRC round can achieve truly astounding accuracy, especially with Savage’s AccuStock and the precision AccuTrigger.

Savage is known for building rifles that enable shooters to make the most of their abilities. Now that its guns are available in 300 PRC, competitors and hunters alike can push their limits and still have the confidence to make the shot when it counts. In addition, Savage rifles in 300 PRC are available in left-handed actions, allowing southpaws to have off-the-shelf options that demonstrate Savage’s commitment to accessibility for all shooters.

300 PRC Features:
Proven platforms chambered for 300 PRC
User‐adjustable AccuTrigger
Button‐rifled barrel
Detachable AICS Magazine
Thread‐in barrel headspacing
1‐Piece 20-MOA Rail
Serrated lock nut

More information on the new Savage Arms rifles chambered in 300 PRC can be found at


holding a firearm
holding a firearm

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