First Look: Safariland 6000 Series Holster for the Walther PDP

A duty holster for an increasingly popular service pistol.

posted on March 25, 2024
Safariland Walther PDP holster

Safariland is known for making safety products that are designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets. Now Safariland is releasing a new model of the 6000 series of holsters that is designed to work with the popular Walther PDP pistol. The PDP was recently selected as the duty sidearm for the Pennsylvania State Police as well as other law enforcement agencies across the country, and the features of the 6000 series make it a natural choice for a duty holster for this pistol.

The new Walther PDP 6360RDS holster fits PDP pistols with either a 4-inch or 4.5-inch barrel, and holsters that work with 5-inch barrel pistols will be released very soon. The holster is designed with precision and functionality in mind and is specifically crafted to accommodate firearms equipped with red-dot sights. The holster also incorporates Safariland's renowned Automatic Locking System (ALS) retention system, which is an enhanced version of the Self-Locking System (SLS).

The ALS mechanism can be easily operated with the thumb, allowing for a smooth and intuitive draw. Unlike traditional holsters, there is no need for any twisting or complicated maneuvers to release the firearm from the holster. This streamlined functionality is a significant improvement for law enforcement officers and armed professionals who rely on quick and efficient access to their firearms in high-pressure situations.

"Safariland is committed to delivering superior products that meet our customers' demands," said Eric Gasvoda, GM of Duty Gear for Safariland. "Our customers have been eagerly awaiting the release of a 6000 series holster for the Walther PDP, and we are proud to deliver a holster that meets their evolving needs."

To learn more about these new holsters for the Walther PDP or other products from Safariland, visit


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