First Look: Premium OWB Holsters From Falco Holster

Why choose between form vs function when you can have both? 

posted on October 24, 2022
Falco Premium OWB Retention Holster

Falco Holsters is launching two new premium EDC (every day carry) leather holsters that feature Level 2 retention for your pistol, giving you secure, confident carry. The Model C141 is a right handed OWB (Outside the Waistband) belt holster that is ideal for carry in the 3 o’clock position, while holster C142 is a right-handed pancake style holster ideal for carrying in the 3 or 5 o’clock position on your belt. These holsters are also available with cuts for most common red-dot optics, a handy feature given the prevalence of slide-mounted electronic red-dot sights on pistols today.

“Our newest holsters are great for folks who open carry yet prefer an active retention device in addition to the reinforced thumb break. Suitable for duty carry, the C141 and C142 feature Security Lock Technology that utilizes your thumb to protect the trigger,” he said. “Enjoy strong protection from takeaways combined with a very smooth draw and exceptional comfort,” says Falco Holsters CEO, Robert Kova.

Both the C141 and C142 holsters are crafted from full-grain Italian leather and include the MLC security lock for pistol retention. The MLC locks the trigger guard of the firearm in place and must be deactivated upon drawing.

C141 and C142 Specifications:

  • Outside the waistband holsters
  • Two levels of retention comply with security requirements for duty holsters: Integrated, reinforced thumb break and MLC Security Lock that disengages with a thumb
  • Full grain premium Italian leather hand-dyed, oiled, and finished
  • Available with optics cut for RDS compatibility
  • Compatible with extended barrels
  • Hand cut, stitched, lacquered, and finished by leather artisans
  • Each holster precisely molded to a specific firearm for exact fit
  • Extensive customization options with stitching and finished edge colors
  • Available for a wide variety of pistols and revolvers
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Both the C141 and C142 holsters have an initial retail price of $110. To find out which handgun make and models that are compatible with these holsters, of for more information on other gear made by Falco Holster, please visit  



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