First Look: Meopta MeoAce 3x20 Tactical Sight

posted on February 8, 2018
Built to withstand the tough, rugged conditions while providing tactical rifle owners with a compact, intuitive aiming system, the Meopta MeoAce 3x20 Tactical Sight brings the company's extensive experience in tactical optics to bear on the U.S. market for 2018.

“The MeoAce sight is a rugged, high-performance optic and part of Meopta’s commitment to deliver the finest European optical quality to the tactical and L.E. markets here in the U.S.,” said Reinhard Seipp, general manager of Meopta USA.

MeoAce, standing for "Aiming Compact Equipment," is tailor-made for the expansive U.S. tactical-rifle market, featuring an illuminated reticle that's purpose-built to provide intuitive aiming and holdover points for many of the popular tactical-rifle calibers on the market, including 5.56 NATO, 7.62x39 mm and .308 Win. The built-in reticle allows for precision aiming at distances up to 400 meters.

Inside the optic, consumers will find the company's specially coated MeoBright lens system, which is fully multi-coated in order to enhance light transmission while simultaneously doing away with lens glare and reflection for the utmost performance in all tactical and competition situations. Durability is also enhanced through the company's additional MeoDrop external lens coating, which drives away moisture, dirt, dust and oils to provide an unimpeded, unmarred sight picture in any extreme environment.

Those using the Meopta MeoAce 3x20 Tactical Sight in the field also have the ability to customize the brightness intensity of the reticle with 12 different intensity settings. The optic can be used with a variety of compatible night-vision optics on the market.

MOA windage and elevation adjustments are available on the MeoAce, offering consumers with 120 MOA of adjustment range in each plane in 1-MOA increments. Illumination is powered by a single AA battery, providing a minimum battery life of 300 hours.

The suggested retail price on the Meopta MeoAce 3x20 Tactical Sight is $1,299.99 and will be available to consumers starting in February 2018.


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