First Look: MDT Chassis System For Tika and Remington 700 Actions

Compatible with Tika short action and Remington 700 long action rifles.

posted on October 16, 2023
Tika MDT chassis

MDT has just announced some new fits for their PRS style ACC Elite Chassis system, which is now compatible with both the Tikka T3 Short action and Remington 700 Long Action CIP patterns, two actions which are extremely popular today in the world of bolt-action centerfire rifles.

The ACC Elite is primarily designed for competitive precision shooting disciplines, like PRS (Precision Rifle Series). Rifles which are competitive in these types of shooting events generally have longer barrels and a good bit of heft to them, as the less recoil a rifle has, the easier it is to watch the bullet’s arc and impact through the scope immediately after breaking the shot. The job of the chassis is to balance and support the whole thing regardless of whether a competitor is shooting off a barricade, terrain or prone from a mat.

A chassis system like the MDT ACC Elite has all the features that a high-level competitor would need in order to succeed in these extremely challenging matches. This includes a thin and skeletonized buttstock that’s fully adjustable on the comb and the butt-pad to. This also includes a vertical 90-degree pistol grip that is optimized for the proper trigger control pertinent to precision shooting along with a full-length ARCA rail on the bottom of the fore-end. ARCA rails are similar to Picatinny rails in their functions but lend themselves better to precision shots.

MDT ACC Elite Chassis Specifications:

  • Weight: 6.1 pounds
  • Overall Length: 37.4 inches
  • Max Barrel Diameter: 1.35 inches
  • Materials/Finish: Hard Anodized Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum
  • Length of Pull: adjustable 12.25 to 14.75 inches
  • Magazine Compatibility: AICS

The MDT ACC Elite Chassis system for the Tikka T3 Short Action or the Remington 700 Long Action CIP has a starting price of $1600. To learn more about its comprehensive feature set, or other products from MDT, please visit


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