First Look: McMillan A5-22 Rifle Stock

posted on June 20, 2018
One of the most-popular competition venues for modern-day shooters is built on rimfire rifles, with steel-based challenge competitions and precision-rimfire competitions exploding in popularity. McMillan offers rimfire-rifle fans the opportunity to build their tactical rimfire rifle from the ground up with the all-new McMillan A5-22 rifle stock.

Incorporating the look, feel and benefits of the company's A5-style tactical rifle stocks, the A5-22 is sized to fit all standard Ruger 10/22 rifle actions, meaning that owners of guns from Ruger, Kidd, Thompson/Center and Volquartsen have an all-new stock option. This new design deviates slightly from the company's traditional A5 design in some elements, particularly in the shape of the tang and floorplate to ensure compatibility with the 10/22 action. The stock is made from fiberglass, which provides added strength and increased accuracy capability. Several inletting options are offered, ranging from flat top with no inletting, basic inlet with an action outline and barrel channel or full inlet.

For tactical shooting, the McMillan A5-22 stock features a wide, flat forearm that provides a solid resting point when shooting off sandbags or other front rests during competition. The flattened surface offers enhanced stability when compared with other fore-end designs, ensuring that shooters can get shots off quickly and accurately without worrying about wobble. Like other A5 stock designs, the A5-22 also incorporates a hooked section located at the bottom of the butt, allowing shooters to add in a support hand to further anchor the rifle into the shoulder.

Other options available for the A5-22 stock design includes either a fixed or adjustable cheek comb, depending on user preference. Models are available for Kidd 10/22 actions with rear-tang attachments, Volquartsen VCL 10/22 Sporter and Magnum configurations, Volquartsen WSM receivers and all standard Ruger 10/22 receivers. No-inlet options of the McMillan A5-22 start at $338, while full-inlet options start at $548.


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