First Look: Lone Wolf Dusk 19 Pistol

Lone Wolf's new pistol capitalizes on years of experience in making quality Glock accessories.

posted on May 16, 2023
Lone Wolf Dusk 19

Lone Wolf Arms is rolling out the new Dusk 19 pistol line, which capitalizes on over two decades of experience making and selling Glock aftermarket accessories. The company is channeling all of the lessons and prior knowledge it has learned into this new striker-fired 9mm pistol line. The Dusk 19 product family combines the proven reliability and convenience sought after from Glock-pattern striker-fired pistols along with the quality that has built the reputation of Lone Wolf Arms. While there are currently 14 different Dusk 19 pistol variants to choose from, all of them include an ergonomic CCS frame with a 19-degree grip angle and an enlarged trigger guard with a generous undercut to help reduce the famous “Glock knuckle” phenomenon on shooter’s middle fingers. The frame is compatible and takes after the third and fourth generation styles of Glock pistols. However, the Dusk 19 has a proprietary trigger. Dusk 19 pistols are lightweight and perfectly sized for EDC (Everyday Carry) at around 19.8 ounces and 6.95 inches long (non-threaded versions). 

Key Features:

  • Red dot ready sight with optic cover plate included
  • Interchangeable flat & rounded backstraps for comfortable, customized grip and integrated grip panels with form-fitting texture
  • Stainless steel PVD coated barrel with Dusk profile
  • New enhanced flat trigger system and ergonomic guard profile to reduce “Glock knuckle”
  • Front & rear serrations for ease of chambering and press check

Dusk 19 Specifications: 

  • Overall length: 6.95 inches
  • Non-threaded barrel length (breech to muzzle): 3.90 inches
  • Height (without sights): 4.61 inches
  • Non-threaded barrel height (with sights): 4.94 inches
  • Upper width: 1.0 inches
  • Lower width: 1.14 inches
  • Magazine well width: 1.23 inches
  • Weight (without magazine): 19.8 ounces 
  • Caliber: 9mm

MSRP for the Lone Wolf Dusk 19 pistol varies from $649.95 to $699.95. For more information on these pistols or other products from Lone Wolf Distributing, please visit


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