First Look: JM4 Tactical High-Ride Holster Line

posted on June 6, 2017
JM4 Tactical, based in Abilene, TX, announced the launch of its all-new high-ride holster lineup in response to consumer demand for holsters that were located higher up on the waistline. The two new holsters in the lineup are the High-Ride QCC and the High-Ride Tuckable.

Both of the new holsters in the lineup are designed particularly to provide easier access for concealed-carry holders by allowing the grip of the gun to ride higher above the waistline, thus ensuring that users can get a full firing grip faster and easier. The new design provides these features while still allowing for total concealment.

The new High-Ride QCC holster is designed for comfortable wear, particularly with jeans and belts, while still providing an easily accessible firing grip. The holster features the same magnetic retention system found on many of the company's other holster products, but several aspects of the holster's retention system are altered slightly to provide for easier use.

The company calls this redesign its "limited" magnetic retention system but still promises to provide the same pull force as the original JM4 Tactical QCC holster, as well as the same amount of versatility.

The company's High-Ride Tuckable is designed for use by individuals who require a holster option while wearing business attire or other tucked-in shirts. The holster can be easily tucked behind a dress shirt, and the magnetic retention of the holster will not damage belts or clothing through the use of metal clips. However, the company warns that the unique design of the Tuckable holster means that users may lose some of the versatility found with the company's other holster designs.

Both of these new holster options are made from high-quality Hermann Oak leather and feature a reinforced double layer of leather along with double-reinforced stitching at the stretch points found on the holster body. The suggested retail price for holsters in the new High-Ride lineup starts at $79.95.


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