First Look: HIVIZ LiteWave Kimber 1911 Rear Sight

posted on June 5, 2017
HIVIZ Shooting Systems, based in Laramie, WY, announced a new addition to its lineup of LiteWave sights, providing Kimber 1911 owners with the option to upgrade their rear sight with an easily visible option from the company.

The HIVIZ LiteWave series of handgun sights are designed to be easily seen, due to the use of the company's light-gathering Litepipes. The sights themselves are completely made from metal and ship with green, red and black pipe options that users can switch out themselves according to their preferences. 

LiteWave handgun sights are built to be virtually indestructible, featuring an exoskeleton construction that is engineered to withstand harsh environments and heavy use. The Litepipes are also designed to withstand harsh conditions and still provide reliable light-gathering and high visibility in almost any light.

The Litepipes themselves measure 0.078 inch in diameter and are sized to the same height as the factory sights found on Kimber 1911 pistols. The sights are designed to work on all Kimber pistols, except for the Micro 9, Micro and Solo pistols.

The LiteWave rear sight is a perfect match-up for the company's LiteWave front sight, which provides the same customizable options as the new rear sight, along with the same indestructible construction. The HIVIZ Litepipe system is also impervious to gun-cleaning solvents and other harsh chemicals, but the company cautions against using these cleaners on the pipes themselves. Instead, a Q-tip dipped in alcohol is all that is needed to clean the sights.

In addition to Kimber 1911 pistol options, the HIVIZ LiteWave system is also available for Ruger, SIG Sauer, Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Glock and CZ USA handguns. The suggested retail price on the new interchangeable rear sight for Kimber 1911 pistols is $55.95, and the sights come with a one-year warranty from the company.


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