First Look: Galco Speed Master 2.0 Holster For The 3 Inch Colt Python

The beauty of a leather holster is a good fit for an iconic American revolver.

posted on July 18, 2022
Galco Speed Master 2.0 holster for Colt Python 3 inch

The Colt Python has long been considered one of America’s most iconic firearms, and revolver enthusiasts rejoiced when it was reintroduced back in 2020. Colt is now making a version of the Python with a 3 inch barrel, and holster manufacturers are rising to meet the demand for this new gun.   

Galco's Speed Master 2.0 holster for the 3 inch Colt Python revolver features an open top design for speed, a covered trigger for safety and tension screw adjustment for added security. The versatile Speed Master 2.0 adds a convenient on / off ability to the equation when set up as a paddle holster, and as a bonus, the Speed Master 2.0 can also be configured as an Outside the Waistband (OWB) belt holster using the included belt slot attachment.

The Speed Master 2.0’s versatility is derived from its included twin attachment methods that are quickly and easily interchangeable by the end user. A flat-headed screwdriver is the only tool you need to swap one attachment for the other, giving you the choice of two carry methods: the convenient paddle design or the stable and traditional belt slot. The Speed Master 2.0 is constructed of premium steerhide and fits belts up to 1 3/4 inches wide.

Speed Master 2.0 Features

  • Premium steerhide construction
  • Adjustable tension unit
  • Slight butt-forward cant (large autos)
  • Neutral cant (compact autos and revolvers)
  • Includes interchangeable belt slot and paddle attachments
  • Belt slot is adjustable for belt width and ride height
  • Detailed hand molding for excellent retention
  • Fits belts up to 1 3/4 inches wide

The Speed Master 2.0 is available for a wide variety of semi-automatic pistols and double-action  revolvers. The holster  is available in right and left hand designs with either a tan or black finish. MSRP for the Speed Master 2.0 holster is $94, and more information on this holster or other products from Galco is available at


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