First Look: Escort BTS Bullpup Shotgun

posted on July 15, 2020

Escort recently introduced the BTS bullpup to its Versatile Tactical Shotgun line. The BTS offers all the perks of the VTS series shotguns, but in a more compact, portable package. Available in either 12 gauge or .410 bore, the BTS is offered with either black or FDE Cerakote finish.

The new inline gas piston design of the shotgun is mounted around the barrel, which minimizes bulk and allows for a proper bullpup layout. The polymer lower receiver also doubles as the fore-end grip and has soft rubber inlays for improved handling, while the magazine well is lined with durable alloy for smooth loading and long-lasting performance. 

The synthetic barrel cover features Hatsan's patented ThermoDefend technology that absorbs and dissipates the heat of operation. Recoil control is managed with a soft rubber buttpad and a long recoil spring located behind the gas piston. The reversible charging handle can be changed to suit shooter preferences. The soft rubber pistol grip is removable and can be exchanged for one of many currently available aftermarket options. The one-piece carry handle sight can be replaced with the included flip-up sights for a lower profile or for when using a mounted optic. Picatinny rails are also located on either side of the fore-end to accommodate a variety of accessories.

The 12 gauge model of the BTS features an 18-inch barrel with removable chokes. The BTS ships with four chokes: an extended cylinder bore choke brake that helps tame recoil with heavy shot or slugs, as well as full and improved cylinder flush-mount chokes. Additional chokes available from Hatsan USA. Each gun ships with two five-round magazines, and a two-round magazine is also available. The 12 gauge BTS is chambered to accept both 2¾-inch and 3-inch shells and cycles each of them with no adjustment.

The .410 BTS models have a 20-inch barrel with integrated choke that is suitable for both shot and slugs. The .410 version ships with two five-round magazines, with a lower-capacity three-round magazine is also available. The gas piston operates in the same manner as the 12 gauge model, allowing it to cycle both standard and magnum loads smoothly and reliably.

BTS Features:

  • Modern Sporting bullpup gas operated semi-automatic shotgun
  • 12 gauge or .410 bore, 3-inch chamber
  • Self-regulating gas piston cycles both 2¾- and 3-inch shells
  • Detachable box magazines
  • 18- or 20-inch barrel for shot or slugs
  • 12 gauge model features interchangeable choke tubes (full, improved cylinder, cylinder w/ brake)
  • Oxidation-proof, chrome plated steel barrel
  • All barrels are proof tested at the factory to ensure maximum durability
  • Reversible cocking handle for ambidextrous operation
  • Shell deflector diverts spent shells downward
  • Integrated buttstock with elevation adjustable cheek rest and soft rubber buttpad
  • Soft rubber ergonomic pistol grip
  • Durable alloy upper receiver and a light-yet-durable synthetic lower receiver
  • Picatinny rail integrated into upper receiver and handguard
  • Synthetic ThermoDefend handguard with ergonomic fore-end grip
  • Manual safety selector switch
  • Adjustable front and rear sights
  • Detachable carry handle front and rear sights
  • Optional flip-up front and rear sights included
  • Mounted sling loops
  • Tough matte black or FDE Cerakote finish

BTS12 Specifications:

  • 12 gauge gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun
  • 18 inch, hard chrome plated barrel with removable chokes
  • Length: 28.7 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds, 2 ounces
  • Two five-round magazines included
  • F, IC, and CYL chokes included

BTS410 Specifications:

  • .410 bore, gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun
  • 20-inch hard chrome plated fixed cylinder barrel
  • Length: 30.7 inches 
  • Weight: 6 pounds, 11 ounces
  • Two five-round magazines

MSRP for both black-fininshed models of both the 12 gauge and .410 BTS shotguns is  $589.99, and MSRP for the FDE version of both shotguns is $679.99. More information on these guns and other products from Escort shotguns is available at


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