First Look: Daniel Defense Limited Series Rifles

The new MK12 Alpine Predator updates and extends a favorite design.

posted on February 15, 2023
Daniel Defense Limited Edition

Daniel Defense is rolling out their Limited Series Program. This new program will showcase collaborative efforts between Daniel Defense and other industry partners in part to create unique, once-in-a-lifetime rifle and carbine builds.

The first product in this new program is the Daniel Defense MK12 Alpine Predator rifle build. The MK 12 is named after the classic military rifle of the same name, the Mk.12 SPR (Special Purpose Receiver). The Mk.12 SPR was a result of military armorers rebuilding and retrofitting existing receivers and parts with new match-grade 18-inch barrels designed to shoot the famous Black Hills Mk 262 77-grain 5.56 NATO cartridge. These barrels also Ops Inc. Muzzle Brake and collar which allowed for the Allen Engineering 12th Model Suppressor to be directly mounted. SOF units put the Mk.12 SPR to good use during the GWOT era as it provided them with further effective ranges as compared to standard 5.56 NATO M4 and M16s.

Daniel Defense’s 5.56mm MK12 Alpine Predator has some aspects like the original Mk.12 such as the 1:7-inch twist, 18-inch-long match-grade barrel; the full-size, rifle length gas system and the original-pattern Mk.12 low-profile gas block. This limited-edition rifle has a Weichel Performance Coatings Multicam Alpine Cerakote finish as opposed to the regular black of the standard factory option. The Alpine Predator is the first rifle in this series and according to Daniel Defense President and CEO, Marty Daniel, his company did well the very first time it offered a limited series rifle. “It was well received and confirms our customers’ appetite for distinctive packages that are attractive, well equipped and at great value.”

The MK12 Alpine Predator also includes:

  • Fully ambidextrous lower receiver
  • Daniel Defense flat-front MFR rail
  • All-new Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18x44 FFP riflescope
  • Geissele SSA 2-stage trigger
  • Radian Talon ambidextrous safety and selector
  • Magpul M-Lok adjustable bipod
  • Ferro Concepts wolf grey Slingster
  • Armageddon Gear shooting mat

For more information on this limited-edition rifle, please visit


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