First Look: Bear Edge Model 61108 Compact Bowie Knife

posted on February 22, 2018
Made to handle the toughest tasks in any outdoor survival or tactical scenario, the all-new Bear Edge Model 61108 Compact Bowie Knife, made by a division of Bear & Son Cutlery, is built to provide professionals with a durable, dependable tool that enables them to accomplish their work in all kinds of environments and weather conditions.

At the heart of this Bowie knife is a 5-inch blade made from 440 stainless steel, which comes sharpened straight from the factory to tackle all kinds of jobs straight out of the box. The blade features a modified clip-point-style tip that's purpose-built for general use. Durability is also enhanced through the use of a thick spine, enabling the knife to handle heavy blows without suffering damage to the blade profile. Finishing off the stainless-steel blade is a black coating designed to ward off corrosion.

Surrounding the blade tang are handles machined from G10 fiberglass laminate, material that is completely impervious to any kind of weather condition and is also resistant to all manner of chemicals. The handles feature a textured surface that enhances the ability of the owner to control the blade, even with wet hands.

The handles are secured with bolsters made from forged stainless steel, further strengthening the overall design of the Bear Edge Model 61108 Compact Bowie Knife. In addition to the enhanced strength and durability provided by the bolsters, an added benefit is the shifted balance designed to make the knife more controllable.

The overall length of the Compact Bowie Knife is 9.25 inches long, and the handle features a cutout perfect for a lanyard in order to retain the knife in all conditions. The total weight of the knife is 5.9 ounces. In addition, each Bowie knife ships with a ballistic sheath that's built to handle all the same weather conditions and environmental factors as the knife itself.

Each Bear Edge Model 61108 Compact Bowie Knife is made in America, and the suggested retail price on the knife is $49.99.


man with firearm sitting in a chair
man with firearm sitting in a chair

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