First Look: Bear Creek Bufferless 9mm Receivers

AR-pattern receivers and full firearms with a side charging handle but without a buffer tube.

posted on September 16, 2023
Look Ma, no buffer!

Bear Creek Arsenal has just launched a new series of 9mm large-format AR pistols, carbines and uppers that feature a bufferless design, removing the need to use the typical AR-15 style buffer.

The traditional AR-15 layout typically houses a recoil spring and buffer in either a buffer tube or receiver extension, which are also used to support a stock or a brace. Since the recoil springs and mechanisms in Bear Creek’s new designs are fully housed in the upper receiver itself, the new product line is “stockless.”

Bear Creek Arsenal’s new lineup includes both complete uppers that can work with lowers that use Glock magazines with a Stern Defense magazine well adapter, as well as fully assembled firearms. The model line begins with a 7.5-inch-barreled 9mm upper, as well as upper receivers with a 10.5-inch barrel and a 16-inch barrel. The 16-inch-barreled versions also come with a variety of barrel finishes.

Instead of using the traditional T-shaped charging handle, the Bear Creek bufferless uppers use a reciprocating, side-charging handle found on the right side of the receiver. The Bear Creek Arsenal lower receivers that are compatible with these pistol uppers are machined from billet aluminum and designed to work in tandem with the ubiquitous 9mm Glock double stack pistol magazines.

On the firearms side, Bear Creek Arsenal offers both pistols and rifles which use a bufferless design. The large format pistols have either a 7.5-inch or 10.5-inch barrel and are teamed up with a lower receiver which uses 9mm Glock-compatible magazines. The rifles all have 16-inch barrels and come in a right-side-ejecting version as well as a left-hand-ejecting model.

In addition to a side charging handle and a bufferless receiver, all these new models have threaded barrels with an M4-style birdcage muzzle device, Picatinny rails on top of the upper receiver to mount optics or iron sights and M-Lok slots on the handguard which allow you to add a wide variety of accessories and gear.

Prices for the complete line of bufferless 9mm large format upper receivers start at $242.25 for the 7.5-inch barrel receiver and up to $476.89 for the 16-inch-barreled, left-ejecting rifle.

To learn more about these receivers, pistols and rifles or other products from Bear Creek Arsenal, visit


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