First Look: Bear And Son Cutlery Galaxy Butterfly Knives

Ten different models to choose from, including training knives and a variety of blade profiles.

posted on May 7, 2023
Bear And Sons Butterfly Knives

Knifemakers Bear And Son Cutlery are expanding their butterfly (balisong) knife product line with the new Galaxy Butterfly knife series. These new knives possess unique multi-colored metallic handles, with ten different models to pick from. The models include a training blade and an entire slew of blades with varying knife points such as drop points, clip points, tantos and armor piercing profiles. In addition to this, buyers have options as for different steels and blade materials, with choices like 440 stainless steel, 1095 carbon steel and Damascus steel.

All Galaxy Butterfly knives feature a premium tang pin assembly to deliver smooth deployments without unnecessary sloppiness. A matching T-latch is used to secure the blades to the handle for safety while the knife is closed.

The butterfly knife (also known as a balisong) is a folding knife design that originates from the Philippines. They are very distinctive in that the grip is composed of two independently swiveling panels with a recess for the blade which folds into both of them for storage and is held by a T-latch at the bottom of the knife. Balisongs were traditionally used for both self defense and every day cutting needs in the Philippines.

Bear And Son Cutlery Galaxy Butterfly Knives Model List:

  • Model: 114GXTR (5 inch trainer 440 stainless steel)
  • Model: 114AGX (5 inch armor piercing 440 stainless steel)
  • Model: 114GX (5 inch 440 stainless steel)
  • Model: 114GXTR (5 inch trainer black epoxy powder coated)
  • Model: 115GX (5 inch Clip Point Black 1095 Carbon Steel)
  • Model: 115TANGX (5 inch Tanto Black 1095 Carbon Steel)
  • Model: 114GXD (5 inch 416 layer high definition Damascus Steel)
  • Model: 114GXAD (5 inch Armor Piercing Damascus Steel)
  • Model: 115GXD (5 inch Clip Point Damascus Steel)
  • Model: 115TANGXD (5 inch Tanto Point Damascus Steel)

Please visit for more information on these knives or other products from Bear and Son.


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