First Look: Ammo, Inc. Green Streak Ammo

Performs similar to pyrotechnic tracer ammo, with fewer worries about setting the world on fire.

posted on August 13, 2022
Green streak ammo

Ammo, Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona is bringing to market a new type of green tracer round that uses their established “O.W.L” technology, which has been serving the industry for some time with their “red” tracers. Ammo, Inc.’s Streak ammunition is unique and is different than traditional tracer ammunition which uses pyrotechnics to create a streak, making it safe to shoot almost anywhere, just like regular lead or jacketed projectiles. 

Ammo, Inc.’s system uses a non-pyrotechnic alternative that does not generate heat or set the shooting area on fire, as is the risk from tracer ammunition. This fire risk is the reason why conventional tracer ammo is banned for use in several states and virtually all indoor gun ranges, due to these obvious hazard potentials and the destruction of property. Instead, Streak ammunition loads the complete cartridge with a projectile that has a nontoxic chemical compound that is packed into the base. When a shooter discharges their firearm, the ignition from the main powder charge will also light this compound, creating a tracer-like effect. 

However, unlike traditional tracers which can be seen from all angles, the luminescence of Streak ammunition, the “glow” of Streak ammunition cannot be seen head on. Instead, it can only be seen by the shooter or anyone within a 30-degree field of view of origin of the shot. As with red Streak ammunition, the new green Streak will be offered for most of the calibers sold and loaded by Ammo, Inc. These calibers include classic cartridges such as the .380 ACP, .38 Spl, .40 S&W, .44 Magnum, .44 Special, .45 Colt, .45 ACP and 9mm. Shooters also have the option of choosing different bullet weights in to match the ballistics of the other ammunition they use in their gun. 

For more information on Ammo, Inc.’s full range caliber and bullet weights as well as pricing information and any additional details, please visit their website at


shooter at the range
shooter at the range

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