Book Recommendations for the Defensive Shooter

posted on March 17, 2017
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Recently, two defensive shooting books have come across my desk that really impress me. In addition, both authors are respected trainers with some excellent knowledge to share with their students and readers. Now, we know that reading doesn't take the place of training. However, it can certainly help the defensive shooter find a direction and a shortcut to the kind of training that he desires.

The first of these books is “Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver” by Grant Cunningham. Besides being a trainer in all things having to do with self defense, Cunningham has authored several books and is especially respected for his knowledge regarding fighting with a double-action revolver. On a personal note, I will also tell you that Grant is one of the funniest guys that I know and really may have missed his calling as a standup comedian.

Grant, however, doesn't try to be funny in his snubnose revolver book. He covers topics like selecting the DA revolver, shooting concepts relative to the revolver, shooting exercises and basic defensive concepts. I find Grant's philosophy to be realistic and good advice. You won't find any "Commando Cody" stuff in Cunningham's books or in his training. “Practical” may be his middle name.

If you carry a DA revolver, and many of us do, you will get a lot of good, solid advice out of “Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver.” Order from

The second book is by Tiger Mckee, founder of the Shootrite Firearms Academy. Published by Gun Digest, the book is titled, “AR-15 Skills & Drills.”

McKee not only covers the parts, nomenclature and function of the AR-15, he addresses way to carry, load and deploy the popular rifle. He also gives solid advice regarding defensive techniques, shooting positions and necessary accessories for the AR.

Tiger McKee is another instructor/author who is not into Internet Commandos. He teaches and writes in plain English that everyone can understand. He also bases his teachings on real-world applications that will save lives. If you are looking for skills that will help you stand off a military invasion, you might look elsewhere. If you are looking for practical stuff that will help you keep the goblins away from your door, McKee is your man. “AR-15 Skills & Drills” is available at


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