Arkansas State Police Select Wilson Combat Patrol Carbine

posted on May 14, 2020

The Arkansas State Police have entered into a contract with Berryville, AR, manufacturer Wilson Combat to supply the company’s 5.56 NATO chambered WC-15 patrol carbines. The agreement is for an initial delivery of 375 firearms with the future option of ordering an additional 600 units.

The law enforcement-grade patrol carbines feature Wilson Combat forged receivers and the company’s 14.7-inch match-grade stainless steel barrel. Rate of rifling is 1:8-inch. The guns also ship with Wilson Combat M-Lok handguards.

Other Wilson Combat parts used include its enhanced bolt-carrier group and Q-Comp muzzle device. The carbines are also equipped with the company’s hard-anodized aluminum, mil-spec back-up iron sights. They are windage and elevation adjustable, with A2-style posts up front. Windage adjustment is at the rear, where the user can also select between two apertures—.2 or .075 inch in diameter.

“All of us at Wilson Combat are extremely honored to be selected by the Arkansas State Police as their duty patrol carbine of choice,” said Bill Wilson, company founder and CEO. “We look forward to closely working with the department and supporting their important mission.”

Wilson combat was founded in 1977 in Berryville, AR, where it still operates. It has grown to become one of the industry’s leaders in high-quality firearms for self-protection, law enforcement, military and recreation use. When Shooting Illustrated asked Bill Wilson last year about the secret to the firm’s growth he explained, “The quality of the components we use, our attention to detail and the amount of testing the product gets prior to shipping.” Despite the success, he added, “Unlike many companies that seem to deviate away from what got them started in the first place as they grow, Wilson Combat still offers the same services we did when we started in 1977.” And from what it seems, it will continue to do so for a long while.


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