5 New EDC Gear Options Seen at NRAAM 2019

posted on April 29, 2019
The 2019 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits saw thousands of potential everyday-carry items showcased to the tens of thousands of NRA members wandering the halls. To Shooting Illustrated staff, several options stood out among them all. Check out the new gear here:

Asfaleia Designs Concealed Carry Messenger Bag

A blend of elegant Italian design, full-grain genuine leather, golden hardware and uncompromising quality, Asfaleia Designs Concealed Carry Messenger Bag features a patent-pending quick-access concealed-carry weapon compartment amidst its many storage pockets that can accommodate many handgun sizes as well as left- or right-handed access. A built-in plate-carrier pocket accepts a 10x12-inch ballistic-armor panel (sold separately) allowing the bag to be used as a shield in an active-shooter situation. MSRP: $516.57; asfaleiadesigns.com

Fobus IWB C Series Holster

Made from flexible, non-collapsing injection-molded polymer, Fobus IWB C Series holster features a fully tuckable deep-concealment J-clip and an integrated minimal sweatguard. A low-friction interior promotes a smooth rapid draw. A passive-retention system is automatically employed when the pistol is holstered. The C Series is currently available for full- and compact Glock and Smith & Wesson pistols. 
MSRP: $19.99; fobusholster.com

Hoffner 3.5-Inch Spearpoint Knife

Available in four different-collared grips and optional handle art, the Hoffner 3.5-inch Spearpoint is designed as a defensive system that uses a rear-grip hold, which will not slip in the hand. Four different blade options allow users to custom the knife to their needs, while divots on each side of the handle help to safely pivot the knife with the thumb and index finger, transition through different holds and applications. MSRP: $69; hoffners.com

Mec-Gar CZ-75 Compact, P01 Magazine

In addition to a blue follower as an easy status indicator, the Mec-gar CZ-75 Compact, P01 Magazine is now available in a flush-fitting 15-round variant. The carbon-steel tube is heat-treated for strength and a PTFE coating removes friction from rounds rubbing against the magazine’s interior walls while loading. MSRP: $38.30; mec-gar.com

SureFire Stiletto Pro Light

Bigger and brighter, the SureFire Stiletto Pro’s MaxVision beam reflector is capable of casting a well-rounded beam of light 1,000 lumens in high-output mode, 250 lumens in medium and lumens in its lowest setting. There is also a high-frequency strobe mode for blinding attacker. A rechargeable lithium battery and included micro USB cable makes charging easy and quick. MSRP: $TBD; surfire.com


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