5 New Concealed-Carry Guns Seen at NRAAM 2019

posted on April 26, 2019
The growing concealed-carry market continues to entice manufacturers to offer new options to today's armed citizens, and the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings saw the rollout of several new personal-defense pistols. Check out what we saw on the show floor of the Indiana Convention Center here:

Beretta APX Carry ($450)

Following on the launch of its double-stack carry guns in the form of the original APX, the APX Compact and the APX Centurion, Beretta added a subcompact, single-stack carry gun to the APX lineup in the form of the Carry model. This 9mm carry gun ships with a standard six-round, flush-fit magazine and an extended, eight-round magazine and also features the same serialized-chassis design as the company's larger, double-stack APX models. Other features include a reversible magazine catch, aggressive slide serrations and a DAO-style trigger that breaks at 6.5 pounds.

Glock G45 MOS ($699)

Built with all of the highlights of Glock's Gen 5 pistol system, the Glock G45 MOS is the latest handgun in the Glock lineup to have a slide milled to accept Glock's Modular Optic System slide plates. This milled recess just forward of the front-sight dovetail is compatible with most of today's popular slide-mounted reflex sights. This MOS-equipped Glock G45 features the full-size frame found on the G17 combined with the shortened, compact slide on the Glock G19 to produce a Commander-style personal-defense pistol. This combination saw huge consumer response in the form of the G19X, and the G45 provides the same package in an all-black finish, along with front and rear slide serrations.

Ruger Security-9 Compact ($379)

Building off the same popular ergonomics and trigger system as its LCP II, Ruger unveiled its Security-9 as a duty-size, compact pistol with a similar height and length to the ubiquitous Glock G19. Now, the company rolled out its Compact model, which features a shortened slide and frame, reducing capacity from a 15-round magazine to a 10-round magazine. However, full-size 15-round magazines will still seat and feed in the Compact model, allowing users to have cross-compatibility with both guns, as well as an extended reload for the Compact model.

Naroh Arms N1 ($399)

Design work on the Naroh Arms N1 began in 2017, and the company's longtime goal of providing an innovative, unique concealed-carry gun made in the USA at an affordable price came true with the NRA Show launch of the N1 in 2019. This compact pistol, chambered in 9mm, features a serialized chassis made from 7075-T6 aluminum that offers full-length frame rails for the slide. The gun uses a hammer-fired operating system that allows for easier racking of the slide, and a well-textured grip frame provides solid purchase for shooters. Other features include a seven-round magazine, red-anodized trigger shoe and Glock G43-compatible sight dovetails.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P380 Shield EZ ($502)

Winner of the Shooting Illustrated 2019 Golden Bullseye Award for Women's Innovation, the Smith & Wesson M&P380 Shield EZ was worked over by the Smith & Wesson Performance Center, adding some enhancements that eliminate the need for consumers to have their stock Shield EZs enhanced. The barrels are ported to reduce the already-minimal muzzle rise of the Shield EZ, and lightening cuts in the slide reduce weight. Other features include a Performance Center-tuned trigger, along with matching finishes on the trigger, grip safety and ported barrel available in either black, silver or gold colors. The slide is also topped with HI-VIZ Litewave H3 tritium-illuminated night sights.


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