5 Hot Shotguns from SHOT Show 2018

posted on January 24, 2018
At SHOT Show 2018, we saw a number of new shotguns that are poised to dominate the scattergun market over the next year. Several companies developed exciting, new innovations for existing platforms, and some of these platforms are radically new additions to the firearm world. Here are five shotguns to look out for in 2018.

Fabarm STF-12

The Italians are crossing the Atlantic with one of their popular tactical shotguns with the introduction of the Fabarm STF-12 to the U.S. market. In the European market, the STF-12 is popular, thanks to its modular design that allows the addition of different barrel lengths, magazine-tube extensions and furniture options. Now, U.S. consumers have a chance to get their hands on this new pump-action system.

The shotgun is made with a milled aluminum receiver paired with a deep-drilled barrel tested to proof standards that exceed nearly every other shotgun on the market. Other features of the new gun include a continuous flattop picatinny rail, ghost-ring sights and a Picatinny-rail mount located on the pump for lights and lasers.

IWI Tavor TS12

One of the most exciting new releases for 2018 is the all-new Tavor TS12 shotgun from IWI US. This new gun takes the bullpup platform up a notch with its 3-inch, 12-gauge chambering and a unique magazine arrangement that allows the shotgun to have up to 16 rounds on board.

The TS12 uses a rotary magazine consisting of 3 tubes, each holding 5 shotshells measuring 2.75 inches. Three-inch shells can also be used, but these reduce the overall capacity of the tri-tube magazine to 12 rounds. Once one tube is exhausted, a release lever located at the front of the trigger guard allows users to switch to the next full magazine. Once the full tube reaches its position, the gun automatically loads the next round into the chamber.

Mossberg 590M

Mossberg took its durable, combat-proven 590 shotgun and enhanced the design with the addition of the first-ever double-stack shotgun magazine seen on the market. The Mossberg 590M provides shotgunners with a detachable magazine available in various capacities. Each shotgun ships with a 10-round magazine, but the company also provides 5-, 15- and 20-round options.

Lock-up is secured, thanks to a unique magazine and receiver design that ensures little play between the two, and an intuitive push-button release located just forward of the trigger guard. Two models are offered at the start of 2018, one equipped with a brass-bead front sight and standard furniture and another with a tactical tri-rail fore-end and ghost-ring sights.

Remington 870 DM

Like Mossberg, Remington also took a tried-and-true shotgun platform and configured it to work with detachable magazines, creating the all-new Remington 870 DM. The company offers five different models to suit consumers with different end uses. The models include hardwood-stocked options, camouflaged hunting guns, tactical models and even the novel TAC-14 can be had with a detachable magazine.

Unlike the Mossberg detachable magazine, the Remington 870 DM detachable magazine inserts via a magazine well with a straight-pull and push action, much like the technique used with AR-15 magazines. Other than the novelty of the magazine well, the DM shotgun models function exactly as the standard 870, ensuring that users of this time-tested platform can use this new design with ease.

Standard Manufacturing SKO Shorty

Standard Manufacturing took its popular SKO shotgun, which feeds from detachable magazines like other models introduced in 2018, and shortened the overall length to make it more manageable for shotgunners. The gun features a pistol grip and an 18-inch barrel, allowing it to measure in at an overall length of just under 29 inches.

Users of the AR platform will be familiar with the controls on the SKO Shorty, and a wide number of magazines in different capacities are offered by the company. Each shotgun ships with a 5-round magazine, but 2-, 10- and 25-round magazines are also available.

For five more neat shotguns we saw on the show floor, visit our follow-up article here.


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