5 Great Products for Your Next Camping Trip

posted on June 22, 2019

Summertime is here, and with it, outdoor enthusiasts are heading into the woods to get a taste of nature and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. At Shooting Illustrated, we've covered defensive gear for hiking, backpacking and camping before (read here), but there are many more products that can make camping safer and more-enjoyable. Here are five products that you should definitely pick up for the next time you decide to "rough it."

Constructed from 18-gauge steel, the compact, battery-powered GunVault MicroVault XL Biometric MVB 1000 can be tucked within your luggage, your sleeping bag or secured to a fixed object with an included cable, making it ideal for your campsite, RV or home. Access is gained via a fingerprint scanner or with a key. The biometric reader can store up to 20 fingerprints, while precise fittings and a high-strength lock safeguard against prying open with hand tools. MSRP: $229.99 gunvault.com

B. The 4 pounds of Coletherm insulation found in the Coleman Lassen 20 Degree Sleeping Bag keeps campers comfortable and warm in temperatures ranging from 20 to 40 degrees, without adding excessive weight. Generously sized at 33x75 inches, it sports an anti-snag zipper and a lightweight, polyester outer shell paired with a cotton flannel interior liner for added comfort. Best of all, it is machine washable and tips the scales at a svelte 7 pounds. MSRP: $49.99 basspro.com

C. Measuring 14 inches long and weighing slightly more than 1.5 pounds, the CRKT Chogan T-Hawk is a versatile piece of gear for either utilitarian tasks or self-defense. Non-slip texturing enhances the glass-reinforced nylon handle, and the SK5 carbon-steel blade is powder-coated for corrosion resistance. The included Boltaron sheath features a buckle strap and is MOLLE-compatible, so getting it to your campsite to chop wood is easy. MSRP: $185 crkt.com

D. With features like a portable design, lockable lid with a carry handle and a pair of high-pressure 20,000 BTU burners, the Camp Chef Summit Two-burner Camping Stove will easily satisfy your outdoor-cooking needs. A matchless ignition system adds an element of safety and convenience, while adjustable feet make leveling quick and painless. A three-sided windscreen and an adapter for a 1-pound propane cylinder are also included. MSRP: $159.99 campchef.com

E. All of this gear can easily fit into the Slumberjack Daybreak 2-Person Tent. With a packed weight of a mere 6 pounds, it is simple and quick to assemble and offers 30.5 square feet of floor area. Steel stakes and reflective guy lines are included, while a full-coverage rain fly ensures occupants remain dry and comfortable. The addition of trekking poles (not included) easily converts the vestibule into a shading awning. MSRP: $89.95 slumberjack.com


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115-grain 9 mm ASP load from Nosler

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