.45 ACP Remington 185-grain Bonded Golden Saber

posted on June 12, 2012

The firearms instructor at my local Sheriff's Department recently called me to discuss an ammunition choice for their newly issued .45 ACP handguns. I tend to lean toward the lighter-weight bullets, especially when dealing with bonded brands, so I suggested, among others, the 185-grain Bonded Golden Saber. Why? Recoil is similar to 230-grain loads, but I prefer the level of terminal performance it offers: 13 inches of penetration and expansion to 0.68 inches. Remington's Bonded Golden Saber line of ammunition is marketed as a law-enforcement-only product, but is readily and legally available to anyone (check your local laws, of course). The jacket and core of the bullet are bonded together to help with retention of the bullet's expanded shape and weight after penetrating various barriers.

Load Handgun MV (fps) PEN (inches) EXP (inches) RW (grains)
.45 ACP Remington 185-grain Bonded Golden Saber Remington R1 1,030 13.00 0.68 185.00


Cabot Moonshot
Cabot Moonshot

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