21 Hot New Long Guns for 2021

posted on June 3, 2021

As firearms continue to sell at record pace, manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand for existing models. Nonetheless, innovation continues. We are seeing introductions of MRDS-ready, striker-fired, polymer-frame pistols, including higher-capacity micro-9s. Also hitting the market with some frequency are large-format pistols in both rifle and pistol calibers. And, of course, super-premium 1911s continue to be unveiled at the aspirational end of the market.

With alarmed citizens looking to protect themselves, first-time buyers now seem to comprise a larger part of the firearm consumer base. As all guns may be new to them, some old standbys are moving well. So, what’s the market for sophisticated new designs? Long-range rifle competition and the simple fact that one can never have too many guns.

American Tactical  Bull-Dog

American Tactical | Bull-Dog

Featuring a bullpup design that keeps the overall length trim, the Bull-Dog bristles with attractive options for home-defense. Fans of the AR-15-style rifle will appreciate the familiar charging handle, while sections of rail on top of the receiver allow for optics and lights toward the muzzle.

AR-style charging handle
10-round magazines are available separately
Three choke tubes included
Adjustable cheek rest

Gauge: 12; 3-inch chamber
Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
Overall Length: 29.5 inches
Weight: 7 pounds, 8 ounces
MSRP: $499
(800) 290-0065 americantactical.us

ArmaLite  Super SASS Gen II

ArmaLite | Super SASS Gen II

Also available in 6.5 Creedmoor, the Super SASS Gen II is built with precision shooting in mind with features like a stainless steel, match-grade barrel and a two-stage, POF-brand trigger.

ArmaLite TAC brake
Magpul PRS Gen II stock
ArmaLite freefloat handguard
Mil-Spec 1913 Sight Base

Caliber: 7.62 NATO
Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds
Barrel Length: 20 inches
Overall Length: 43 inches
Weight: 11 pounds, 6 ounces
MSRP: $3,150
(623) 780-1050 armalite.com

Bergara  B-14R Lefthanded Trainer

Bergara | B-14R Lefthanded Trainer

The highly accurate B-14R .22 LR is now available in a left-handed model that is ideal for precision-rifle training among seasoned veterans or introductory-level shooters. 

Remington 700 footprint
Steel or carbon-fiber barrel
90-degree bolt throw
Adjustable comb height

Caliber: .22 LR
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
Barrel Length: 18 inches
Overall Length: 38 inches
Weight: 8 pounds, 1.6 ounces
MSRP: $1,245
(800) 320-8767 bergarausa.com

Century Arms  BP-12 Bullpup Shotgun

Century Arms | BP-12 Bullpup Shotgun

This semi-automatic bullpup shotgun comes configured for home defense right of the box. Thanks to its detachable magazine, reloads are vastly simplified over standard-configuration shotguns. Its adjustable, flip-up iron sights are easy to use and can be paired with an optic of the user’s choosing thanks to the top rail.

Optics rail
Flip-up iron sights
Detachable-box magazine
Rubber recoil pad

Gauge: 12, 3-inch chamber
Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
Barrel Length: 19.75 inches
Overall Length: 29.25 inches
Weight: 9 pounds, 5 ounces
MSRP: $499
(561) 908-7993 centuryarms.com

Cobalt Kinetics  BAMF Professional Series

Cobalt Kinetics | BAMF Professional Series

The BAMF Professional Series rifle was developed with feedback from law enforcement and competition input and gives shooters three length and two chambering options for versatility in any situation.

Adjustable stock
Upgraded mag well design
Short-throw safety selector
Single-stage adjustable DMR trigger

Caliber: .300 BLK
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Overall Length: 35.5 inches
Weight: 6.5 pounds
MSRP: $2,700
(435) 656-0599 cobaltkinetics.com

Desert Tech  MDRX

Desert Tech | MDRX

Designed around a short-stroke, piston-operated system, this multi-caliber, bullpup-style rifle offers versatility in everything from .223 Wylde to 6.5 Creedmoor. It’s also available as an SBR.

Bullpup design
Bipod included
Multi-caliber compatibility
 Short-stroke-piston operation

.308 Win.
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
Barrel Length: 20 inches
Overall Length: 31.5 inches
Weight: 8 pounds, 14 ounces
MSRP: $1,889
(801) 975-7272 deserttech.com

EAA  Churchill 220 Optics Tactical

EAA | Churchill 220 Optics Tactical

Now offered in 20 gauge, the EAA Churchill 220 also includes an optics rail along with an MRDS, making it a welcome candidate for those who want a purpose-built semi-automatic for home defense.

Mini red-dot sight
Breeching choke
Pistol grip
Enhanced loading port

Gauge: 20; 3-inch chamber
Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
Overall Length: 37.5 inches
Weight: 5 pounds
MSRP: $561
(321) 639-4842 eaacorp.com

EAA  Churchill 620 Optics Tactical

EAA | Churchill 620 Optics Tactical

The company’s popular pump-action has been reconfigured with the same accessories as the 220 for those with home defense in mind.

Sure-grip fore-end
Breeching choke
One-piece buttstock
Impact-absorbing butt pad

Gauge: 20; 3-inch chamber
Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
Overall Length: 37.5 inches
Weight: 5 pounds
MSRP: $427
(321) 639-4842 eaacorp.com

Henry  Big Boy All-Weather Side Gate

Henry | Big Boy All-Weather Side Gate

The new Big Boy All-Weather series rifles feature a side loading gate and industrial coating for personal protection in the worst conditions, with chamberings in everything from .38 Spl. to .45 Colt.

Side loading gate
Industrial-grade all-weather coating
Hardwood stock
Chrome-plated finish

Caliber: .357 Mag.
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
Barrel Length: 20 inches
Overall Length: 37.5 inches
Weight: 7 pounds
MSRP: $1,141
(866) 200-2354 henryusa.com



The popular Tavor TS12 semi-automatic bullpup shotgun is now available in flat dark earth and olive drab for those who desire something other than a bland, black home-defense firearm. With its three, five-round, rotating magazine tubes, it packs a fight-stopping 15 rounds of 12-gauge shells on board, making it ideal for home defense.

Two-position gas regulator
M-Lok attachment points
Full-length optics rail
Four sling-attachment points

Gauge: 12; 3-inch chamber
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds
Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
Overall Length: 28.3 inches
Weight: 8 pounds
MSRP: $1,399
(717) 695-2081 iwi.us

Leadstar Arms  DMR .308

Leadstar Arms | DMR .308

It’s clear from the name the intended use of this rifle. Offering a host of long-range-friendly options like a freefloat handguard with attachment points for bipods and a custom trigger, Leadstar Arms’ DMR should live up to expectations.

Five-position gas block
Cerakote finish
17-inch handguard with M-Lok slots
Hiperfire trigger

Caliber: .308 Win.
Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds
Barrel Length: 18 inches
Overall Length: 41 inches
Weight: 8 pounds, 11.2 ounces
MSRP: $1,302.62
(864) 979-7464 leadstararms.com

LWRCI  REPR MKII 6.5 Creedmoor Elite SC

LWRCI | REPR MKII 6.5 Creedmoor Elite SC

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop of AR-pattern rifles for long-range shooting, the REPR MKII in 6.5 Creedmoor should be at the top of the list. From its innovative, piston-driven operation to its side-charging capability to its Monoforge upper receiver, this is one souped-up shooter that promises superior accuracy at great distances.

Geissele SSA-E 2-stage trigger
Magpul PRS stock
20-position, tunable gas block
Side-mounted charging handle

Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds
Barrel Length: 22 inches
Overall Length: 43.5 inches
Weight: 11 pounds, 13 ounces
MSRP: $4,763.40
(410) 901-1348 lwrci.com

Palmetto State Armory  PSA AK-47 GF5

Palmetto State Armory |
Classic AK-47-style looks combined with upgrades, PSA’s GF5 line offers light-colored wood furniture and the ability to add a scope through a side-mount system. Wanting retro looks doesn’t mean you have to live with old-school tech.

Nutmeg wood furniture
800-yard rear-sight leaf
Side-mount for scope
ALG AKT enhanced trigger

Caliber: 7.62x39 mm
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Overall Length: 35.5 inches
Weight: 7 pounds, 5 ounces
MSRP: $1,029.99
(803) 724-6950 palmettostatearmory.com

Palmetto State Armory  PSA AK74

Palmetto State Armory |
Sometimes overlooked, the 5.45x39 mm round now has another home in the PSA AK74. Featuring a folding, skeletonized stock along with a caliber-specific muzzle device, this is the perfect addition to any AK collection.

1:8-inch twist rifling
Traditional AK-74 muzzle brake
Polymer AKM grip
Single-hook, single-stage trigger

Caliber: 5.45x39 mm
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
Barrel Length: 16.3 inches
Overall Length: 37 inches
Weight: 7 pounds
MSRP: $1,099.99
(803) 724-6950 palmettostatearmory.com

Rock River Arms  RRAGE 2G

Rock River Arms | RRAGE 2G

From its six-position telescoping stock to its freefloat, M-Lok-compatible handguard the RRAGE 2G will meet your AR-pattern MSR needs without breaking the bank.

A2 pistol grip
A2 flash hider
Single-stage trigger
Heavy-profile barrel

Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Overall Length: 32 to 36 inches
Weight: 6 pounds, 8 ounces
MSRP: $860
(866) 980-7625 rockriverarms.com

Ruger  Custom Shop Precision Rifle

Ruger | Custom Shop Precision Rifle

Built for those who strive for long-range accuracy, the latest offering from Ruger’s Custom Shop features TriggerTech bang switch that boasts “frictionless release technology” that provides an exceptionally crisp break, minimal overtravel and an extremely short tactile reset.

Heavy-contour, stainless barrel with APA muzzle brake
Barrier stop in front of mag well
Ambidextrous manual safety
Side-folding stock capable of length-of-pull and comb-height adjustments

Caliber: 6 mm Creedmoor
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
Barrel Length: 26 inches
Overall Length: 45.25 to 48.75 inches
Weight: 12 pounds, 12.8 ounces
MSRP: $2,399
(336) 949-5200 ruger.com

Savage Arms  320 Security Thumbhole Ghost-Ring Sights

Savage Arms | 320 Security Thumbhole Ghost-Ring Sights

For those looking for a budget-conscious smooth-bore, the latest addition to Savage’s popular line of Stevens 320 Security shotguns pairs a thumbhole stock with other select defensive-oriented features. It is also available in 20 gauge.

Ambidextrous cheek riser
Textured pistol grip
Rotary bolt
Sling swivel stud on stock and magazine cap

Gauge: 12; 3-inch chamber
Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
Overall Length: 39.1 inches
Weight: 7 pounds, 4.8 ounces
MSRP: $305
(800) 370-0708 savagearms.com

Savage Arms  Impulse Predator

Savage Arms | Impulse Predator

Available in four chamberings, the same features that make the Savage impulse ideal for predator hunting such as its straight-pull bolt for fast follow-up shots and detachable-box mag make it suitable for tactical use.

AccuFit stock with adjustable length-of-pull and comb height
Adjustable AccuTrigger
Round knob bolt handle
One-piece 20-MOA optic rail

Caliber: .308 Win.
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
Barrel Length: 20 inches
Overall Length: 41.5 inches
Weight: 8 pounds, 11.2 ounces
MSRP: $1,377
(800) 370-0708 savagearms.com

Springfield Armory  2020 Waypoint

Springfield Armory | 2020 Waypoint

Built like a custom precision rifle, Springfield Armory’s new Waypoint bolt-action is offered in a number of highly accurate long-range chamberings, including the popular 6.5 PRC, and comes with a superb TriggerTech trigger.

Carbon fiber barrel
.75-MOA accuracy guarantee
TriggerTech trigger
Cerakote finish

Caliber: 6.5 PRC
Magazine Capacity: 3 rounds
Barrel Length: 24 inches
Overall Length: 41.5 to 45.5 inches
Weight: 7 pounds, 9.6 ounces
MSRP: $2,399
(800) 680-6866 springfield-armory.com

Winchester  Wildcat 22 SR

Winchester | Wildcat 22 SR
Hours of plinking fun are assured when shooting the Winchester Wildcat 22. So how did could the company possibly make it even better? Easy; the latest variant features a threaded muzzle, making it suppressor ready. A knurled thread protector is included.

Lightweight composite stock
Integral picatinny sight rail
Dual ambidextrous magazine releases
Fully adjustable, ghost-ring rear sight and ramped post front sight

Caliber: .22 LR
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
Barrel Length: 16.5 inches
Overall Length: 34.75 inches
Weight: 4 pounds
MSRP: $279.99
(800) 333-3288 winchesterguns.com

Zev Technologies  Core Duty Rifle

Zev Technologies | Core Duty Rifle

An intriguing blend of mil-spec and custom components, the Core Duty rifle has the frills you need. The freefloat barrel enhances accuracy, while the mid-length gas system improves reliability. Magpul furniture and Zev enhancements make this an excellent choice for an all-around carbine.

Wedge Lock freefloat M-Lok handguard
Radian Weapons Talon ambidextrous safety
Magpul SL buttstock
Zev Muzzle device

Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Overall Length: 34 inches
Weight: 7 pounds
MSRP: $1,499
(805) 486-5800 zevtechnologies.com


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