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First Look: Grayguns Enhanced Lever System for SIG Sauer P-Series Handguns

First Look: Grayguns Enhanced Lever System for SIG Sauer P-Series Handguns

SIG Sauer's P-Series of traditional double-action/single-action handguns is one of the most popular out there. With the Legion line, SIG has renewed interest in this semi-automatic staple, and Grayguns just released upgrades for P226, P229 and P228 variations. While the SIG Sauer P-series trigger has generally been regarded as one of the better DA/SA systems extant, that's not to say that it can't be improved. Especially by Bruce Gray, who has been making great guns even better for decades.

The Grayguns Enhanced Leverage System (ELS) offers either a straight- or hybrid-shaped trigger; either option features dual adjustability for over-travel and pre-travel combined with an enhanced, specially engineered trigger bar. This redesigned trigger bar will reduce both double and single-action pull weights while improving the overall trigger pull experience.

“I poured everything we learned from 40-plus years of performance-tuning classic DA/SA SIG pistols into my uniquely effective Enhanced Leverage System,” said Bruce Gray, president and founder of Grayguns Inc. “The ELS utilizes our advanced trigger geometry and exclusive trigger bar design to reduce DA pull weight by 25 percent with duty springs, without affecting ignition reliability or safety.”

The system is designed as a drop-in kit that can be installed by a competent, qualified gunsmith or enthusiast familiar with the pistol. SIG P-series owners may select additional Grayguns components to improve the package, such as the recently released custom-designed strut system that fully supports the main spring. This upgrade reduces friction, spring bowing and fatigue.

Along with selecting which of the trigger-face styles they prefer, customers will need also to identify if their pistol has a DAK-compatible or non-DAK-compatible frame to ensure they order the correct version. The product description for the ELS includes photos to help buyers identify their frame.

MSRP is $159. Visit Grayguns.com to order or for more information on this new upgrade.

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