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Daniel Defense Delta 5 Rifle Safety Reminder

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Rifle Safety Reminder

Daniel Defense issued a Safety Notification Replacement Campaign on Oct. 8, 2019, for its Delta 5 bolt-action rifles manufactured before Sept. 20, 2019, and released a reminder this month that owners who have not yet checked if their Delta 5 is subject to the announcement should stop using it immediately. After engaging the safety, ensuring the chamber is empty and removing the magazine, visit the dedicated web page or call (866) 554-GUNS to determine if the bolt assembly needs to be returned to the factory for inspection or part replacement.

The company is streamlining the process by covering shipping, and providing the box, tape, label, packing sleeve and foam inserts. Once the bolt assembly has been processed it will be shipped back to the owner.

This week’s news release explains some bolts in the date range can have their firing pin cross pin break under normal use. “Daniel Defense asks that consumers take the Safety Notification Campaign seriously and immediately check to see if their Delta 5 Rifle falls under the Safety Notification Campaign,” it states. “The firing pin cross pin is located within the Delta 5 bolt assembly and holds the firing pin and cocking piece together in the striker assembly. The firing pin cross pin can break allowing the firing pin to move freely within the bolt assembly. It is possible that an unintentional firearm discharge may occur.”

The company explains owners should discontinue use of the rifle immediately, then—while pointing it in a safe direction—activate the safety lever. Check and verify that the Delta 5 rifle is unloaded and that the chamber is empty. If not, remove any chambered cartridge and remove the magazine and bolt assembly. Once that’s complete, visit the web page or call to determine if the bolt assembly needs to be returned. As part of the company’s 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, there is no cost to the consumer. 

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