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First Look: ShotTrax and ShotRock Shooting Rests

First Look: ShotTrax and ShotRock Shooting Rests

Allen Company has introduced two new shooting rests that can help even the most timid of shooters to overcome recoil flinch. The new ShotTrax and ShotRock shooting rests were created after the Allen Company conducted extensive consumer focus groups all across the U.S. After reviewing their data from these trials, it was obvious that most shooting rests are either overly expensive or are so poorly constructed that you risk personal injury if you use them. This is why they created the ShotTrax and ShotRock rests. Both of these rests give you a “bullet proof” option gun rest design at a price you can afford.

The ShotTrax Recoil Reducing Shooting Rest is designed to remove target “flinch” from rifle shooting and help make you a better shooter by its solid metal construction, and dual-cam chassis length adjustment system that allows it to properly fit a range of shorter ARs to longer-framed precision rifles. The rests include a built-in weight tray to hold plates or filled weight bags to further help recoil reduction, and there is a two-part silicone support system, including a forend rest for cradling rifles without marring them and also a rear stock silicone boot that minimizes  rearward recoil energy. the ShotTrax also has a fine metal circular system which glides on steel ball bearings tor making precision elevation adjustments  

The Allen Company ShotRock is an easy to transport recoil reducing shooting rest that has all the tangible benefits you demand, without sacrificing value. Constructed on a 1.5-inch rigid steel frame to withstand high energy recoil waves, the ShotRock Recoil Reducing Shooting Rest reduces target flinch at a price that is easily affordable.

The ShotRock uses silicone support technology to cradle rifles in both the forend and stock areas and provides a large, easy-to-handle molded elevation wheel that can be manipulated with gloves on or in cold weather environments. The rest includes a built-in weight tray and center support column to hold plates or filled bags for further help in recoil reduction.

MSRP for the ShotTrax rest is $169, and MSRP for the ShotRock is $109. More information on these shooting rests and other products from the Allen Company is available at byallen.com.

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