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First Look: Holosun HS407C

First Look: Holosun HS407C

The new HS407C is the latest in micro red dots from Holosun Technologies. An entry-level optic ready for installation onto handgun slides, the HS407C features two of Holosun's proprietary battery-saving technologies, along with a unique, red 8-MOA ring that’s there in place of the standard 2-MOA red dot on other Holosun optics. Built using a durable aluminum body, this unique, small optic is ideal for use on a shotgun, rifle, handgun or other firearm platform.

The HS407C is priced at an affordable spot that allows consumers to enter into the world of micro-sized red dots while getting a product that is built for rugged reliability and dependability. The Solar FailSafe and Shake Awake technologies keep this optic up and running, no matter what happens, and HS407C's aluminum housing makes it durable, corrosion resistant, and lightweight.

In addition to this, the HS407C has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means that the optic can safely operate in wet climates, and the brightness of the LED varies depending on the amount of light in the environment so users will never have a dim red dot in daylight or one that's too bright indoors. The optic also features 10 daylight brightness settings and two night vision-compatible settings as well.

Each Holosun HS407C uses Holosun’s exclusive Shake Awake technology, which powers down the optic when it has not been moved in an extended period of time, yet turns on instantly when the optic sense significant movement, so that the user never has to guess or wonder if their optic is active. Backing up this system is Holosun’s Solar FailSafe technology, which uses a small solar panel mounted on top of the HS407C to collect ambient light in order to provide illumination for red dot.

The HS407C sight only has a 8-MOA ring reticle, a unique feature that is particularly popular among shotgun users as it helps easily predict the spread pattern of their gun, making sure more pellets find their mark.

MSRP on the HS407C is $270.50, and more information is available at holosun.com.

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