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First Look: Firefield Scarab Bipod

First Look: Firefield Scarab Bipod

Adding a bipod to any rifle does wonders for precision shooting, as the added stabilization on the front of the rifle offers a chance to tighten groups by resting the rifle on available surfaces. However, bipods are not without their drawbacks. They can be heavy, cumbersome objects that hinder a shooter in the field, particularly with traditional designs that hang far off the bottom of the bipod. The Firefield Scarab bipod is designed to provide a more-streamlined solution for today's shooters and hunters.

Unlike traditional bipods, which typically require a Picatinny-rail or sling-swivel mounting point, the Firefield Scarab design takes advantage of the prevalence of M-Lok- and KeyMod-equipped handguards on the market. Rather than requiring users to first mount a Picatinny attachment point and then mounting a bipod, the Scarab mounts directly to either of these popular mounting points, thanks to two different models.

The other difference found in the Scarab design is in the mounting location. Rather than attaching to the underside of a handguard, the Scarab is a two-piece design that mounts along each side of the handguard. This unique setup provides two distinct benefits. First, with each leg being spread farther apart, this provides a wider, more-stable base for improved precision shooting. Second, when folded up, each leg of the Scarab bipod rests alongside each side of the handguard, providing a more-streamlined transport solution that doesn't involve having large protrusions jutting out from the bottom and front of your rifle. As an additional benefit, the side-mounted design leaves the bottom part of your handguard free for other accessories, like a vertical grip.

Each Firefield Scarab bipod leg is user-adjustable from 9 to 12 inches and also features tilt adjustments, allowing users to compensate for uneven terrain. The bottom of each leg is tipped with rubber feet, allowing the bipod to rest more securely on smoother surfaces. Adding either an M-Lok or a KeyMod pair of bipod legs to your rifle will increase the overall weight of the platform by 12.3 ounces.

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