New for 2019: T/C Performance Center T/CR22

posted on January 6, 2019
Building on the success and popularity of its intial T/CR22 rifle launch, Thompson/Center Arms partnered with Smith & Wesson's Performance Center to offer two enhanced models of the rimfire rifle to consumers. The new options retain the inherent reliabiliy and easy-use rotary magazine as the original T/CR22 while simultaneously offering enhancements designed to improve ergonomics and accuracy.

"For the second time in 2018, the Performance Center has partnered with Thompson/Center to develop the Performance Center T/CR22, a new, cutting-edge rimfire offering," said Tony Miele, general manager of the Performance Center. "Building upon the success of the Thompson/Center T/CR22 rifle, we have designed and developed this specialized rifle for competitive shooting and small-game hunting, engineered to deliver the supreme accuracy and ergonomics that Performance Center is known for.”

Both new rifles are outfitted with thumbhole-style stocks, one Hogue Overmolded option and another wood-laminate model set in an Altamont stock. Each rifle features a heavy-contour, button-rifled barrel, which is topped with a threaded muzzle designed to accept most of today's .22-caliber muzzle devices and sound suppressors. The stainless-steel barrels measure 20 inches in overall length and are fluted to aid in cooling and lightening. Each barrel is machined with a 1:15-inch twist rate. 

The Thompson/Center Performance Center T/CR22 is constructed with a machined, 6061-aluminum receiver and features a stainless-steel bolt for steel-on-steel lockup with the barrel. Both receivers are topped with an optics-ready Picatinny rail, and the guns are also outfitted with a crisp factory trigger, push-button safety and oversized bolt handle. When used with the factory, 10-round rotary magazine, the T/CR22 operates with last-round bolt hold-open. 

Each Performance Center T/CR22 is compatible with all Ruger and aftermarket 10/22 magazines, though these magazines will not hold the bolt open after the last round is fired. Most aftermarket accessories designed for the Ruger 10/22 will also work on the T/CR22. The suggested retail price on the Hogue Overmolded model is $497, while the Altamont-stocked model retails at a suggested price of $616.


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