New for 2019: Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 442

posted on January 23, 2019
In 2019, Smith & Wesson's Performance Center shop tackled one of the company's classic concealed-carry revolvers: the S&W Model 442. Chambered in .38 Spl. +P, the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 442 features a specially tuned action while remaining a solid, go-to option for daily carry.

“For over 50 years, the J-frame revolver has provided firearm owners with an excellent personal protection firearm, designed to be lightweight and well suited for concealed carry," said Tony Miele, general manager of the Performance Center. "The new Performance Center Model 442 builds upon that heritage while delivering Performance Center enhancements designed to enrich the shooting experience. Shipping from the factory with Crimson Trace Lasergrips, the Performance Center Model 442 is a fantastic choice for concealed carry.”

At first glance, some of the Performance Center enhancements on the Model 442 are clearly evident, such as the unique, two-tone finish of the gun. The aluminum-alloy frame and carbon-steel barrel are treated with an all-black finish, while the stainless-steel, five-shot cylinder is treated with a brushed finish and polished cylinder flutes. Certain elements of the gun, like the trigger and cylinder-release latch, are treated with a high-polish finish. Also included on the Model 442 are factory-zeroed Crimson Trace Lasergrips, providing an aiming aid that instinctively activates once the gun is gripped tightly.

Since the Performance Center Model 442 features an enclosed hammer to avoid snags with cover garments and is double-action only, having a smooth, consistent trigger pull is critical. Performance Center gunsmiths paid particular attention to the revolver's trigger, ensuring that it shipped with a smoother, lighter trigger pull than non-tuned guns. One other important aspect to point out about the Performance Center Model 442 is that, unlike most of S&W's recent introductions, this model does not feature an internal lock.

Each Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 442 revolver is equipped with a 1.875-inch barrel and measures 6.3 inches in length. Unloaded, the gun weighs in at just 15 ounces. The suggested retail price on the revolver is $742.


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