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New for 2019: American Tactical Nomad Shotgun Series

New for 2019: American Tactical Nomad Shotgun Series

While the market is full of many great shotguns, even a great number that some would consider affordable, American Tactical took the notion of inexpensive to a new level with the launch of the company's new Nomad Series of single-shot shotguns.

Made in Turkey and outfitted with inexpensive, polymer furniture, the suggested retail price on each model in the American Tactical Nomad Series is just $109.95. Due to that low price, what consumers get in the American Tactical Nomad is pretty basic. The guns are built with a 3-inch chamber built on a folding action complete with an extractor and no ejector. Shooters will have to pull each spent shell from the chamber themselves.

Furniture-wise, the black, polymer stock and fore-end are basic, but there are still a few solid features found in them. Sling-swivel attachment points are found both fore and aft, and the pistol-grip portion of the buttstock features classic checkering, allowing users to have a tactile surface to grab for improved handling. The forearm is also similarly checkered, providing a purchase point for a shooter's support hand. Guns are equipped with an external hammer, which must be cocked manually for each shot. To open the chamber, a ledge on the leading edge of the trigger guard is pulled, and the whole trigger guard hinges down to open the action.

One of the interesting, innovative features of the American Tactical Nomad shotgun is the gun's ability to fold into a compact package for storage and transport. After the action is unlocked, the barrel and fore-end swing back toward the buttstock, and a small cut-out in the bottom of the fore-end allows the trigger guard to nestle inside, making for a short, slim package that can be stashed in a pack easily.

Six models are offered in the American Tactical Nomad shotgun series. Consumers can choose between 12-gauge, 20-gauge and .410-bore options with either an 18.5-inch or 28-inch barrel length.

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