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First Look: Real Avid AR-15 Master Bench Block

First Look: Real Avid AR-15 Master Bench Block

One of the reasons why the AR-15 is one of the most-popular firearms in America is the ease with which the platform can be worked on, upgraded and maintained. AR aficionados across the country assemble rifles from basic components, thanks to the simplicity and accessibility of the design. However, a number of specialized tools are available to help builders avoid frustration and streamline the process, like the Real Avid AR-15 Master Bench Block.

Constructed from a hardened, rugged resin designed for use in engineering, the work surface on the bench block is surrounded by a rubberized outer surface, which anchors the unit in place on a work bench. Underneath the block are four magnets, ensuring that small, ferrous elements used in the construction of an AR-15, such as roll pins, screws and other easily lost items, are retained through magnetic force.

Each segment of the block's work surface is labeled for the standard AR-15 component for which it is designed. In all, the tool is purpose-built to allow owners to easily drive 13 separate pins into five major components found on the AR platform. The AR elements can be oriented in eight different directions, allowing for the installation, removal and maintenance of these critical pins and gas rings. As an added bonus, the bench block includes a magnetized storage space for up to 14 pins, enabling AR builders to keep these tiny components on-hand when needed.

In particular, the Real Avid AR-15 Master Bench Block can hold the rifle's bolt, allowing for the installation of the 1/16-inch and 3/32-inch pins found in its construction. The 1/8-, 5/64-, 3/32- and 5/32-inch pins used in the construction of the gas block, forward assist, trigger guard and trigger assembly can all be installed easily with the aid of the block. An additional benefit is the ability to secure and orient other major components in the AR-15 platform, like the upper receiver, lower receiver and ejector pusher.

The suggested retail price on the Real Avid AR-15 Master Bench Block is $29.99.

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