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First Look: SIG Sauer Pistol & Rifle Reloading Brass

First Look: SIG Sauer Pistol & Rifle Reloading Brass

SIG Sauer expanded its ammunition lineup in 2018 to include components for handloading, offering brass cases for popular pistol and rifle cartridges. The reloading brass is made in the same production facility as the company's high-quality line of personal-defense and precision-target ammunition, ensuring that all the premium features found in SIG's off-the-shelf ammo are reflected in these component cases.

“Each brass case undergoes rigorous in-line and post production quality assurance testing to ensure a flawless casing,” said Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Business Development, SIG SAUER Ammunition.  “The result is unparalleled durability and dependability.”

Produced at the SIG ammo plant in Jacksonville, AR, the SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition shell cases are designed to meet the precision tolerances demanded by today's handloaders. For example, the primer pocket in each cartridge case is perfectly consistent, ensuring that primers inserted into the pocket are retained securely. The flash holes on each case are also formed without the burrs found in lower-quality brass. Each rifle case is features induction-annealing on the case neck to provide consistent, dependable bullet retention.

Both rifle and pistol cases are available in the SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition lineup. Rifle brass is unprimed and ships in bags of 50. Available calibers include: .223 Rem., .22-250 Rem., .243 Win., .300 BLK, .300 Win. Mag., .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor. Consumers will also see .270 Win. and .30-06 Springfield cases added to the lineup. For pistol cartridges, options are available for both primed and unprimed brass. Pistol cases are shipped in bags of 100 and can be had in the following calibers: .380 ACP, 9 mm, .357 SIG, .38 Spl., .357 Mag., .40 S&W, 10 mm and .45 ACP.

Suggested retail pricing on the pistol brass starts at $20.95 per 100 pieces of unprimed 9 mm brass and ranges up to $33.95 for primed .45 ACP, .357 SIG and .357 Mag. Pricing on rifle brass starts at $17.95 for 50 pieces of .300 BLK and goes up to $35.95 per 100 pieces of .223 Rem.

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