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First Look: The Bolt Lever TBL9A

First Look: The Bolt Lever TBL9A

More AR-15 rifles are entering the market today with enhanced controls, providing everything from ambidextrous operation to competition-level speeds. One of the latest aftermarket upgrades available for the popular AR-15 platform is the TBL9A from The Bolt Lever, LLC, a veteran-owned company with a mission to improve an operator's control over America's most popular rifle.

With a standard mil-spec bolt release, shooters are forced to remove their support hand from the rifle's fore-end to slap the release lever located on the left side of the receiver, costing precious seconds in a competition or combat scenario. With The Bolt Lever's TBL9A, the owners of most mil-spec AR-15 lower receivers can easily upgrade their rifle to function with this enhanced product, which allows for a quick release using the shooter's trigger finger placed in a natural position.

The extended TBL9A lever is made from 1020 carbon steel and treated to military specifications. The lever installs into the same receiver slot as the traditional bolt release using the same size roll pin. An extended tab drops down the left side of the receiver to the side of the trigger guard, and an enlarged button sits within easy reach of the user's trigger finger. When releasing the bolt forward on a fresh magazine, users simply allow their trigger finger to press the release during the travel to the face of the trigger, enabling the release of the bolt in a smooth, fluid motion that cuts seconds from the traditional reload-and-bolt-release process.

One of the other benefits of the TBL9A lever is the ability of operators to lock the bolt back in addition to releasing it. Installation is a breeze, taking less than five minutes with the right tools, and the process is the same as the installation of standard bolt-release levers for AR builders familiar with the process.

The suggested retail price on The Bolt Lever TBL9A is $39.99.

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