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Vertx Offers Tactical Gloves for 2018

Vertx Offers Tactical Gloves for 2018

Known for its collection of tactical wear and gear, Vertx expanded its product offerings in 2018 with the launch of the company's tactical gloves. Four new pairs of gloves are offered in the lineup: the VaporCore Shooter, Rapid LT, FR Assaulter and FR Breacher.

All four glove designs are constructed with a number of common elements, including pre-curved finger articulations that are purpose-built to enhance the dexterity and precision fit needed for the fine motor skills used on popular handguns, carbines and shotguns. Each glove is secured to the wearer through hook-and-loop closures located on the wrist, and durability is enhanced through the double-needle topstitch reinforcement used in high-stress areas of the glove.

The touch surfaces of all Vertx tactical gloves are covered with a layer of natural suede goatskin, which enhances the ability of the user to feel through the glove, enhancing dexterity and improving the sense of touch. The middle finger and thumb of each glove are also designed as conductive touchpoints for use with touch-screen technology found on smart phones and computer screens.

With these shared characteristics as a solid foundation, each of the four unique models of gloves provide different features that fulfill a specific need. The company's VaporCore Shooter glove pair is built with the company's particle-infused fabric which enables the hands to remain cool, dry and comfortable. Rapid LT gloves are built with a lightweight, minimalist design, ensuring a maximum range of dexterity and motion. The FR Assaulter gloves are built with flame-resistant material and are reinforced with kevlar threading that enhance durability. Finally, the company's FR Breacher gloves offer extra knuckle protection in addition to the fire-resistant, kevlar-reinforced fabric.

The suggested retail price on the Vertx tactical gloves start at $52.95 per pair of VaporCore Shooter gloves and end at $78.95 for the company's FR Breacher gloves.

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