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I Carry: H&K VP9SK in a Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max Holster

Welcome to another episode of "I Carry," Shooting Illustrated's weekly video series covering the guns and gear needed to put together an ideal everyday-carry kit. Today, we have a Heckler & Koch VP9SK pistol in a Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max holster. Rounding out the gear is a Browning Crossfire flashlight, a  Coast FDX302 knife, a Comp-Tac Magazine Concealment Pouch and a CrossBreed Executive Gun Belt.

Gun: Heckler & Koch VP9SK ($719)

The HK VP9SK is the latest iteration of the company’s popular VP9 platform. The gun differs from its full-size sibling in that it has a shorter barrel and a shortened grip frame, making the gun much more suitable for concealed carry. Capacity with a flush-fit magazine is 10 rounds, but extended, larger-capacity magazines are available, and the VP9SK is compatible with full-size VP9 magazines.

One unique aspect of the VP9SK is its use of a paddle-style magazine release instead of the more popular push-button release. Proponents of this design say it’s quicker and more intuitive than a push-button, many of which require a slight shift in your grip to actuate. The VP9SK also includes many of the same innovative features found on the full-size pistol, like the interchangeable grip panels and backstraps, slide-mounted charging supports and the company’s precision-strike trigger.

Holster: Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max Holster ($80.99)

We’re carrying the VP9SK inside the waistband with Comp-Tac’s Infidel Ultra Max Holster. This is a hybrid design, with a double-layer leather backing paired up with a precision-molded Kydex shell. This provides the comfort of a leather rig while providing solid retention and allowing for easy reholstering. The rig is secured to the belt with a single polymer belt clip and can be adjusted for retention and cant.

Mag Carrier: Comp-Tac Magazine Concealment Pouch ($39.99)

A single spare magazine can be carried easily with the use of the Comp-Tac Magazine Concealment Pouch, made from cowhide leather that offers a full sweat guard and protects your spare mag, keeping it secured and oriented properly for a rapid reload. The carrier attaches to the belt with a single clip and can be adjusted for ride height.

Flashlight: Browning Crossfire ($54.99)

For a solid EDC illumination tool, the Browning Crossfire is one of the newest lights on the market, featuring a rechargeable battery that fuels up using any standard USB charging port. The light operates with a simple tailcap switch and features high and low modes, with a maximum output of 300 lumens. In a pinch, the light can also be used with standard AA batteries, albeit with reduced output.

Knife: Coast FDX302 ($23)

For an affordable daily-carry knife, the 4-ounce FDX302 from Coast is a great option to look at. It uses a stainless-steel 3-inch blade that’s secured with the company’s innovative double-lock system, which ensures that the blade stays locked open, even under pressure. The knife also features skeletonized handles that are also made from stainless steel for a durable, rust-resistant tool.

Belt: CrossBreed Executive Gun Belt ($74.95)

CrossBreed 1.5-inch Executive Gun Belts ensure a solid mounting point for your holster and other EDC gear. The belts are made using premium-grade leather and feature a high-quality, polished look that works well with any professional attire. The belts are hand-oiled and can be had in black and brown colors.

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