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ATI Tactical Shotgun Ultimate Professional Stock

ATI Tactical Shotgun Ultimate Professional Stock

In the pages of Shooting Illustrated, we've covered the versatility of the shotgun for home defense. One of the strengths of the shotgun, especially the 12 gauge with a wide variety of shot options, is it can be used for hunting one day, and with a few simple adjustments, converted to a home defense mode the next.

ATI's Tactical Shotgun Ultimate Professional Stock allows exactly this conversion. With a folding, six-position adjustable stock that includes the Scorpion Recoil system, your turkey gun can be finish up hunting season and be turned into a slick home defense piece with just a few turns of a screwdriver. Well, there might be an allen wrench or two needed as well, but you get the idea. No permanent modifications are needed—when your shotgun is needed in the field, it can be turned back to factory condition with little effort. With adapters for Winchester, Remington and Mossberg shotguns, this kit will fit the vast majority of popular shotguns on the market. Being comfortable with your defensive arm is important, especially with a 12-gauge shotgun with significant recoil. Having the capability to tailor the scattergun to fit you as well as the ample recoil pad and recoil management system means that practicing with your shotgun—and yes, practice is still needed—will be less punishing and therefore more likely to happen more often. Which is always a good thing. MSRP: $184.99.

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