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.327 Fed. Mag. Buffalo Bore 100-grain JHP

.327 Fed. Mag. Buffalo Bore 100-grain JHP

For some reason, the .327 Fed. Mag. does not seem to be getting a lot of respect. I assume this is in part due to the notion it is nothing more than a .32 H&R Mag. or that it might be a "ladies" chambering. Neither is the case. This is a potent handgun cartridge and it creates a wicked wound. The Buffalo Bore load was tested in a Ruger SP101. Not only did it drive deep, the damage inside the gelatin block was impressive. Recoil was stiff from the little revolver, but not unmanageable. The .327 Fed. Mag. is as close to a .357 Mag. as you can get without stepping up to the larger caliber. From a terminal performance standpoint, it is sometimes indistinguishable.

Load MV (fps) PEN (inches) EXP (inches) RW (grains)
.327 Fed. Mag. Buffalo Bore 100-grain JHP 1,361 21 .47 95

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