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Federal Premium HST Ammunition

Some civilians load their defensive handguns with the same ammo used by law enforcement (LE) officers. The logic here is, “If it’s good enough for cops, it’s good enough for me.” This reasoning is not flawed, as long as the agency you copycat has done due diligence in selecting ammunition.

January 14, 2015
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Nightforce B.E.A.S.T.

Whether you need to HALO jump into hostile territory to neutralize a high-value target or simply want the best tool for long-range target practice, the Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. scope is an excellent option.

November 10, 2014
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SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition

The opportunity to use the phrase, “a wagonload of ammunition” does not come around often, unless you’re Louis L’Amour or another Western fiction writer.

November 6, 2014
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Clearing Corners

Clearing the unknown area obscured by a corner requires planning and careful technique, whether you are working alone or with a partner.

September 24, 2014
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Handguns at Rifle Distances

With a bit of technique and lots of practice, you can use your pistol to get hits out to 300 yards and beyond.

August 8, 2014
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We talk about it all the time, but is over-penetration really something we should worry about in a self-defense situation?

July 16, 2014
Mossberg 464 header

Mossberg 464 SPX

The lever-action carbine has been a stalwart for personal protection for more than a century, with cowboys, cops and hunters all relying upon its handiness and reliability.

July 16, 2014
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Handloading the .300 AAC Blackout

Follow these prescriptions to get the most out of the .300 AAC Blackout.

June 17, 2014
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The New Black

Richard Mann tests and compares 11 different factory offerings for the .300 AAC Blackout, including subsonic ammunition.

December 16, 2013
DoubleTap 240_headr

.300 AAC Blackout DoubleTap Tactical 240-grain Sierra MatchKing

See how this cartridge performs in our .300 AAC Blackout factory ammunition round-up.

December 13, 2013