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Three Bags for Survival

A single bag cannot serve everyday and emergency needs. Here are three great choices to be prepared for most any situation.

By Chance Ballew (RSS)
November 18, 2011

Since abandoning diaper bags, I’ve been in the market for other ways to keep my stuff handy and portable. While covert, the diaper bag just didn’t fit the bill for a lot of things. Since what I carry depends on the situation, I’ve selected a few bags, and each serves a different purpose.


For day-to-day carrying of random things, I long ago abandoned the laptop bag because of netbooks and other smaller computers. I simply no longer needed—nor wanted—to lug around a bag that held a 19-inch laptop. My wife gave me a small netbook bag and, while lugging it around at the NRA Annual Meetings, it broke. Fortunately, it broke right next to the Maxpedition booth. I took that as a sign I needed a tactical man-purse, and told the guy at the booth I needed a bag. He recommended the Gearslinger. It has plenty of room for a netbook, cables, camera, pens and other doodads needed to cover the show for my blog

Maxpedition,off-body carry,concealed carry,tactical murse

Maxpedition's Gearslinger will accept the company's accessory holsters, making it easy to stage a gun when carrying off body.

The Gearslinger is equipped with a heavy-duty strap, which can be used over either shoulder. Combined with the cross strap, it makes this bag easy to carry all day. The bag also has plenty of pockets to hold your smaller items. There’s also an accessory holster, so you can keep a handgun in the bag for those times you want to carry off body. The pack is decked out in modular webbing, so you have room to grow by using Maxpedition’s TACTIEs. I put a RollyPoly dump pouch on it, since I seem to accumulate more stuff when I’m out. One of the slide-release buckles is equipped with a survival whistle, just in case.

bug out bag,LA Police Gear,tactical bag,off-body carry,concealed carry

LA Police Gear's Bail Out Gear Bag works just as well as a "bail-in" bag you can store in your car to ensure you're equipped to get home in an emergency.

My get-home bag or bug-in bag is the LA Police Gear Bail Out Gear Bag. Despite bug-out bags being all the rage, my preference in any sort of disaster situation is to get home and stay put. I keep a lot of stuff in the car, and in the event I need to abandon ship, I like it to be ready to go with me to get to where I need to be. This bag is a great deal at an MSRP of only $20. It has plenty of pockets for spare magazines, a radio, knives and other small items. Also, a large, divided pocket has plenty of space for hats, gloves and a first-aid kit. With a heavy-duty padded strap, it carries easily. The Bail Out Gear Bag lacks modular webbing for adding MOLLE gear and, while it has the advantage of not looking like something carried by Food Court Team 6, there’s no room to grow. I keep this bag and gear in the trunk of my car.

LA Police Gear,backpack,tactical backpack

The LA Police Gear 3 Day Backpack has plenty of room to store vital gear, making it a great choice for a bug-out bag.

Despite my preference for bugging in, there may come a time to bug out, like when there are zombies at the door. For that, I picked up an LA Police Gear 3 Day Backpack. Again, another great deal at $30, and it came recommended by a fellow gun blogger. With a hair less than 2,600 cubic inches of space, the bag is roomy and has plenty of webbing to grow. It is also equipped with a compartment for hydration systems. The waist and chest straps make it easier to carry when packed full of gear. It is rugged and has stood up well to my loading it, unloading it and slinging it around while trying to figure out the exact configuration of my bug-out bag, which is turning into a fun project for me and the kids.

So, until someone comes out with one bag that does it all, I’ll have these three ready for whatever comes my way. Besides, they’re big in Europe.

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15 Responses to Three Bags for Survival

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  4. Chuck says:

    I have a couple of the small LA Gear bailout bags and a couple of the larger ones and the three day pack.

    My wife’s an ER doc so we have the ‘full’ first aid bag in one of the larger ones and I use one as my get-home truck bag. The full length velcro outside pockets are a great place to store a firearm. No printing what so ever.

    I use the smaller ones as caliber specific range bags or “stuff” when I’m traveling.
    It is NOT a man purse.. It’s a foliage green tactical bag for my iPad and books.

    I have abused these bags like a rented mule and they just keep holding up.

    My only nit is that you can’t properly close the flaps on a 30 rnd. Magpul Mag. with the small bag, but that’s not much of a complaint about a $20 bag.

    Worth every penny.

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  6. Mercutio says:

    Technically these are illegal in Hawaii… at least if you carry a firearm in them. The law says guns must be transported “in a rigid container”… oddly enough it doesn’t say anything about locking the container.

  7. S.Lynn says:

    I’ve had a simple back pack in my truck for the last year with your typical survival gear. Living 30 miles from home I never want to be trapped at work and will walk if I have to. Never know when those darn levees in Sacramento delta will break and flood the valley. Glad I live uphill.

  8. gsg64 says:

    Mercutio, get a Plano hard side case for the gun, then put the case in the bag. Problem solved.

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  14. Nika says:

    Gee, its a Maxpedition. Let me guess, $400 for one of these. The problem with this label is that other ppleoe assume that you are packing heat or have a shitload of expensive gear that is worth stealing. It’s like a blinking stobe light that you have more money than sense. Whould I like on of these? Hell yes. However, I would not leave it in the car, walk around town or leave it outside. If I wasn’t actually using it, I would leave it at home so I didn’t attract attention to it.

  15. Tara says:

    @Lynn – gotta admit, I’m glad I don’t live in the way of that mess :)

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